It’s officially our favorite time of year…

The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing is officially just a few days away and we need your cursive to make this year the most impactful yet!

New to 12 Days? Well, welcome! We launch this crazy campaign every year! From December 3-14, we will blast a new letter request out into the world every single morning. You’ll have the day to write a letter to someone in need. Write as many letters as you’d like!

We’ve got 12 days. 12 people. 12 chances to do good this season.

Join us.



What is the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing?

Throughout December 3-14, we are creating 12 Love Letter Bundles for 12 individuals (all secretly nominated by someone in their life that cares about them) across a 12-day span. Each day, we will highlight an individual in need of some extra encouragement in the form of handwritten notes and encourage people to script a letter and send it off to the listed address! We recommend getting 12 stamps!

What is a Love Letter Bundle?

Every month, we list a series of stories from people who’ve been nominated by a friend or family member. People across the world get the chance to write a letter and mail it in to be included in what we call a Love Letter Bundle— hundreds of letters showing up for someone when they least expect it!