On leaving my first love letter

I left my first love letter in a place where  people come to think, re-charge, laugh, visit, and to just…be. Seemed like the perfect spot.

I was nervous at first. I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself, because while I wanted it left behind, I didn’t want someone to think I had forgotten it, and call attention to that fact.

I wanted to be anonymous, so I covered the letter a little bit with a napkin, hoping it would make itself seen to the right person. Then with a deep breath I turned around and hurried out the door, not making eye contact with anyone. (All I kept thinking was, I feel like I’m leaving a crime scene!)

Nervous and exhilarated, I pulled out of the parking lot, letting my eyes drift back to the table where I left it – willing it to be seen by someone who needed it today.

This could get addicting.