A Testimony from Briana’s Letter Requester

“And then I open this envelope that is filled with these beautiful, incredible, heart-warming letters. I have never been so moved, uplifted, or touched before.” -Briana

Remember Briana? So many of you put your pens to paper and wrote her a love letter when she needed it the most. Her best friend Erin, the one who requested the love letter for Briana, writes a letter to let all of you know how much it helped. Want to be a part of this?? Simply sign up here.

Sitting here writing this, it suddenly hits me. Everything has come full circle.

I remember the first time I stumbled upon the More Love Letter project. I had been an avid reader of hannahkaty.com and craved more. I fell instantly in love with the idea of sending people love letters to help them through the difficult moments in their lives. I requested love letters for one of my good friends, Briana, and was so happy when she was chosen to receive a bundle of these letters.

I met Briana when I was in middle school, it has to be about seven or eight years ago, and I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t friends with this girl before. She has this infectious laugh and ginormous smile and, I swear, everyone in a ten foot radius stops what they’re doing just to get a glimpse at this girl. I never knew Briana that well until I started college. Our relationship was confined to Facebook because we were in two different towns, but every status update of hers saying things like “Need another job, I can’t afford groceries” had me worrying like a big mama bear. But, regardless of the trials, Briana was strong and able to figure things out on her own.

One day she told me that she looked up to me so much and I couldn’t believe her. Did she not see the mess that I was? Her life was a million times more difficult than mine and yet, she looks up to me. I started searching for a way to make Briana see that she is amazing and strong and she gives me so much hope in a world full of brokenness.

So I submitted her name to More Love Letters. I thought she’d just receive one letter from someone encouraging her to keep going, but instead she was chosen for the Love Letter Bundle! When I received that email from Hannah, I literally jumped up and screamed and started dancing! I couldn’t have asked for anything more for Briana.

Waiting for the bundle to be sent to Briana was awful, I just wanted Briana to have those letters in her hand as soon as possible, but God
works in mysterious ways.

On November 12, Briana sent me a message on Facebook saying that she came home crying today because she wasn’t going to have enough money to pay her rent and was losing steam. “And then I open this envelope that is filled with these beautiful, incredible, heart-warming letters. I have never been so moved, uplifted, or touched before.”

She was crying, I was crying, happy tears all around. Talking to her that night is one of the biggest highlights of
my year because I know that she needed those letters. She plans on reading them to her son once he’s born (which is very soon!!).

I think that the best thing that came out of this entire thing is that the first thing she wanted to do was write someone a love letter. She shared the website on her page and is doing a speech on the site for one of her classes. She whole-heartedly believes in More Love Letters in the same way I do.

It’s not that the letters heal you, they show you that you’re not alone, that you’re not struggling for nothing. And that is something so big that I can’t but help but want to be a part of it.