Letter Found: Boston Public T

What’s cooler than believing in Santa?

Believing in the power of the More Love Letters mission, of course!

If you started to doubt our little movement, look no further than this blog post. Brianna left some love letters along her Boston commute… a very simple act.

Here is yet another example of how a love letter can brighten a day. Hopefully this strikes a chord in you to leave your own love letters around the world.

“My friend found this letter on the T (Boston’s public transit system). It made her extremely happy on her way home from work and she left it in my dorm room last night. I found it this morning and it really brightened my day. I love the concept and mission of More Love Letters. I’ve hand-written several messages and letters, on post-its, cards, etc., and left them in random places for years when I lived in New York. Your mission, and letters, has inspired me to continue to do that in Boston. I look forward to writing several “love letters”.”

-Becca S