Because this world is a big, blank, beautiful coloring book.

Hey there.

Yesterday was tough. Today is tough. Tomorrow may be tough too.

Hang in there.
Oh, hang in there, friend, as hard as it is to hang in there.
And dig deep and find your strength and your courage.
Lean on that which gives you strength and that which gives you courage.
Know, please know, that you are strong and important and meaningful.

Because this world is a big, blank, beautiful coloring book.
And you are armed with quite the collection of crayons.

When children first learn to color, lines mean nothing.
Shades and pigments and colors-that-should-be mean nothing.
Even page borders mean nothing.
It’s just paper and crayons and joy, sheer joy. It’s scribbles and smudges and rainbows.
The absolutely perfect answer to the questions a coloring book poses.

And we age and we’re given lines . . .
. . and told that trees are green and skies are blue and that’s that.
Joy is traded for function. Fun is traded for duty.

But today, you need to know that how you color matters not.
That you show up and color is what matters.
That you spread color and light across the page is what matters.
That you color the trees fuschia and the sky chartreuse is what matters.

So maybe the pages from your coloring book aren’t perfect.
So what? Still art.
What you do is art and what you do matters.

Sometimes it’s not even what we do, but how we do it that matters the most.

The courage with which you shade and the boldness with which you fill in the picture. The gentleness
with which you blend colors and the creativity behind your choice of glitter crayons.
How you do something can make it rock.
And how you do things is amazing, because you are you.

very, very best,