Forget April Showers: Springing into Stationery Selections for the May Flowers

Notes from a Love Letter Writer-

I beyond excited to introduce Nicole into the More Love Letters Community! We searched far & wide for a Stationery Scouter, someone who could pull apart the Kate Spade selections from the racks of Crane & Co. Someone who knew the essential in’s & out’s of all that the stationery industry has to offer in this season. 

Beyond doubt, I know Nicole will be the perfect fit for this role on the More Love Letters Team. Acclaimed “Busy Girl,” with a blog you will surely fall hard for, she comes to MLL with an eccentric love for coffee, photography and, of course, love letters. 

We look forward to Nicole’s reporting every other week on the hottest trends and selections out there to help you jazz up your love letters and brighten the day of whoever picks them up. 

For most of us, spring is just around the corner.

Teasing us with 60 degree days, then quickly hiding behind the cold winter winds from the north.

Even if the weather isn’t quite shouting ‘spring’ yet, we’re still ready to embrace the colors and signs of life poking through the cold soil.  Relishing in every green leaf, every sign of breath that nature takes.  Spring is an awakening that should inspire everyone.  To share the joy, the warmth, of the season.

For me, watercolors capture the essence of the spring  Bringing color and life to anyone who views these works of art.

Every hand painted design can bring joy to someone who isn’t having the greatest of days. Some of my favorites?

Shannon Kristen’s amazing interpretations of her own backyard in Bradenton, Florida.

Full of life, color and hope for a sunny, bright day.

If chevron has stolen your heart, this watercolor interpretation from Paper Krush will as well. A simplistic modern design to showcase your writing for anyone who picks up your love note.

Even Kate Spade has embraced the quiet elegance that watercolor can bring with her Cherry Blossom Notes sold in Papyrus stores. A simple way to say thank you to someone for brightening your day.

Any other watercolor inspired stationary catching your eye? Do share!