A Mother & Her Soldier Letter Request

This past April, More Love Letters bundled up over 100 love letters to send to the women of the Anchal Project. Check out the progress here on our blog. Thank you times ONE MILLION for all who supported us in donations & letters. We will continue to update on the shipping of the letters through our Facebook and Twitter pages so be sure to follow along…

May has certainly proved to us just how capable she is at playing Tug O’ War with our postage stamps… We adore the mamas we honor on Mother’s Day but we salute and respect the soldiers, past & present, who serve around the world.  AND SO… this month we’re taking on both.

We hope you’ll pull out the stationery this May and help us out in bundling up love letters to send overseas to Brandon and to fill the arms of his mother, Sharon.

Brandon’s Story:

Brandon is currently in Basic Training for the Army at a very demanding base and company. It is very hard to keep faith and stay motivated and any mail and words of encouragement mean the world to him and the the rest of the soldiers there. These soldiers go through things that are very physically and emotionally hard so any words of encouragement that he can share with his fellow soldiers would mean the world to them!

Sharon’s Story:

Sharon’s only child Brandon left for the Army recently. it has been very difficult for her to have an empty house. she knows the army will make him a better person but it is hard to have almost no communication besides a letter once a week if she is lucky! it has been very hard to have her only child so far away. she could really used some words of encouragement and support from anyone!

We had originally planned to send a massive amount of love, strength and support to Sharon’s mailbox. Her only child, Brandon, was just sent off to serve and we figured she could use a day brightener during this month devoted to the Mamas. 

And then we realized it… Why write love letters to JUST Sharon when we could shower Brandon with support too! For his bravery. For his courage. For his will to make this world a better & safer place. Yes… we agree… we are SO capable of both.

So double up your stationery and Let’s. Get. Going. Troops! 

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FYI: We ALWAYS appreciate blog posts to raise awareness for these letter requests! Get creative. Pull out your glitter, write down your favorite quotes and REMEMBER: We all write love letters differently, own your love letter writing style…we don’t need someone else’s love letter, we need yours.
We also ask that you stay POSITIVE. UPBEAT. & SUPPORTIVE in your letters. Storytelling is A-OK but let’s not dwell on the negative, folks.

Please mail all love letters to any of the following:

Sharon’s Bundle
PO Box 2061,
North Haven,  CT 06473


Brandon’s Bundle
PO Box 2061,
North Haven,  CT 06473

&… if you package them together…

Brandon & Sharon’s Bundle
PO Box 2061,
North Haven,  CT 06473

Please postmark your letter(s) by May 24, 2012 to be included in the May Bundles. 
(Pst…. we HIGHLY encourage tweet pics & instagrams to @moreloveletters of you with  your love letters!)

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Happy Love Letter Writing!