Love Letter NYC: From WIX to Wall Street

One thing is clear after Tuesday night: When you mix love letters, the Wix Lounge, cupcakes, wine & good company all together, you get one heck of a partay.

More Love Letters was so excited to host its first EVER love letter party in New York City this week at the Wix Lounge near Union Square. To thank all who were involved, we’ve crafted little love letters to keep close to the heart.

To the Guests & Loungers-

We adored meeting each and every one of you. Thanks for stopping by the WIX Lounge to script your hearts out to strangers in NYC. We hope to report back some of the letter findings within this big ol’ city.

Dearest WIX Lounge,

Thank you for opening up your doors not only to a space to host the party but also for the chance to collaborate and spread love across New York City. We cannot wait for Valentine’s Day 2013!

Dear Crane & Co,

First off, thank you for coming out to our love letter party. It was great to meet the faces behind such a lovely stationery company. & we will be thanking you endlessly for the beautiful stationery you provided for the event. Our love letters would not look as pristine & ready for the world with you.

To Sheaffer & Friends,

Can we say enough good things about your pens?! The guests raved about the color assortment and sturdy grip. Needless to say, we sent a ton of people home happy to script their hearts out deep into the night with their new favorite writing utensil.

To Jessy & Co,

Our taste buds have been writing love letters to you since Tuesday. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the delicious treats. Who ever knew that mini love letters could taste so sweet?!

To our Dear Friends Abroad-

This one goes out to every individual involved with More Love Letters who could not make the partay but mailed along a letter to be pinned to the wall. We thank the gods of social media daily for allowing us to connect with you on such an intimate level and have the honor of spreading your messages out into New York City for ya.

And…. Last but not least…

Dear New York City,

Thank you for keeping us in the folds of your arms every day. Thank you for inspiring us to dream. Thank you for stirring us with dance in our steps & magic in our daily lives. There is truly no place like you. May you and all your bright boroughs find love letters from us day after day. We’ll keep scripting to keep your city well loved.

Check out the full album of images here!