PACE Center for Girls takes to Love Lettering for Stella

This week, some of the girls form the PACE Center for Girls wrote love letters for a very special girl named Stella. Stella’s best friend requested love letters for her to boost Stella’s esteem and confidence & the girls at PACE got the job done! Check out the interview below with Maisy and give some thought to adopting your own Love Letter Bundle!

How did you initially find out about More Love Letters?

I’ve known Hannah Brencher for a while now through our mutual involvement with She’s the First. I’ve watched this beautiful project blossom through Facebook updates since the very beginning and am constantly amazed Hannah’s dedication to spreading joy and love to the rest of the world.

What gave you the idea to have your students write love letters?

I’ve wanted to have the students write letters ever since I was an intern at PACE but never had the opportunity until now. This week we were doing a lesson in Spirited Girls! (PACE’s life management curriculum that helps girls to make positive decisions and lifestyle choices) that taught about giving intangible gifts and I thought it would be the perfect time for some letter writing!

How did the students respond to the idea?

Some girls took immediately to writing and didn’t stop until the class period was over. Some girls were hesitant because they said they didn’t know what to write to a person they’d never met. I explained to them that they should write whatever they would want someone to write to them if they were in need of some extra love and encouragement.

What kind of planning did it require?

We have three counselors on staff so the three of us got together to figure out what supplies we would need and how to present it to the girls.

Do you have any advice for our devoted letter-ers out there in trying to throw a letter writing party?

Do it. Do it now.
The letters that my girls wrote were flat out amazing and giving the gift of love is something that should be done more often.

What was the reaction after the writing- were the eager to do it again, did they want to check out the website, or were they rather neutral on the idea?

Several of the girls asked me if I had read their letters and wanted feedback on them. I think that now that they’re more comfortable with the idea they’d be excited to do it again. Several of the girls could relate to what this young lady was going through so I think it helped them to feel like they were helping someone else with their words of wisdom from their experiences.

What is your favorite part about More Love Letters?

I love every single little part about this amazing organization. I love the idea behind it. I love the love that is shared by people who have never met each other.
It’s incredible.


I spy with my little eye… some One Direction lyrics.