A Love Letter a Day #2: Look at your hands.

We’re vowing to show up on weekdays from this point forward with love letters in our arms. We want to meet you where you’re at. In coffee shops. In hectic households. In university classrooms & the still of your cubicle before the emails begin rolling in to wrap you. We invite you to join us in this space every Monday through Friday to indulge in a daily love letter. A chance to start the day new & fresh & knowing you aren’t alone in all of this. A chance to begin the day perfectly perfect with a love letter from someone in this big ol’ world who is already a bigger fan of you than you know.

We’re believing in ya. We’re rocking out and cheering you on. We’re here to meet you with coffee cup & diary in hand, to bring you into a day that is bright & beautiful & worthy of your firework potential.

We welcome all submissions to the “A Love Letter a Day” series to be mailed to : Love Letter a Day, PO Box 2061, North Haven, CT 06473.

We accept scanned submissions to be emailed to Hannah@moreloveletters.com. Please include your name, twitter handle or blog site, and a brief bio-mini love letter to the reader with your submission. Thanks!

*All love letters become the property of moreloveletters.com