the world needs more love letters.


our mission is simple: make love famous.


story time.


our story began in new york city...

I moved there my first year after college to work for a human rights organization. Maybe it was naive to think I would show up in such a big city and instantly find my way. Shortly after the move, I began grappling with feelings of loneliness and sadness. Those feelings gradually morphed into something bigger-- something largely unspoken about at the time-- depression. 

Unable to figure out how to exit my own sadness, I began leaving letters around New York City for unsuspecting visitors and commuters to find. I'd grown up with a mother who consistently left me love letters to find tucked in boxes and bags. It made sense to me to write these same letters to strangers. I'd write on the front of the letters, "If you find this letter, it's for you." 

These letters scattered around New York City prompted me to write a blog post and offer a simple promise to the Internet: if you need a love letter, just ask.

Nearly 400 handwritten letters to strangers later, the idea for More Love Letters was born. We built a website. We started delivering love letter bundles around the world. And the real magic began. 

So welcome to the most unexpected movement. I hope you get involved and find yourself at home here in our tribe. You're needed & you matter.


Hannah Brencher + the MLL Team


since 2011:

50 states

73 countries

100 + campuses

125,000 + love letters delivered to people in need.


join our tribe.


3 ways to get involved:

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mail love letters

We stock our website each month with new love letter requests. At the end of each month, letters are bundled and delivered to people in need. Grab some stamps, stationery and get writing. People need your words and encouragement. 


start a campus chapter

We believe in college students and the power they have to be the hands and feet of our little movement. That's why we worked our tails off to give you the tools necessary to bring More Love Letters to your campus. 

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leave letters behind

Want to leave a dent of love in your community or city? Start dropping letters today.  Include the hashtag #moreloveletters on your letters or envelopes so other people can find you through our big community!