The campus is buzzing about Campus Cursive and I’m beyond excited to see what this semester has in store for us.
— Elaine, Campus Cursive- University of St. Thomas (Houston)

Please be careful to read the following before applying to start a Campus Cursive chapter ::

Applying to start a Campus Cursive chapter at your school can be a really big endeavor! Ask yourself the following questions before you click apply:

  • Do I have time to start a club on campus?
  • Am I willing to be a leader and host multiple meetings per semester? (This requires booking meeting space, fundraising, advertising, etc.) 
  • Am I willing to recruit people to lead the club when I graduate?



  • Designate a faculty member to act as your campus club advisor. 
  • Rally a minimum of 4 individuals who will help you lead this club and carry the commitment (you will submit their names + email addresses in the application)
  • Host a minimum of two events per semester.
  • Submit one blog post per semester.
  • Be active on the Campus Cursive Slack Board
  • Serve as an affiliate of More Love Letters + spread our mission in your community.
  • Identify under the name "Campus Cursive at ___your school name___" 
  • Keep up a professional and respectable conduct.

*Upon submitting an application, please allow 2 weeks to hear back from us. Our Campus Cursive Admin is going through applications every single week. If we think you're a fit for the Campus Cursive Leader role, we will be in touch with next steps!