ready to beta test with us?


We are so excited you're here! We are getting ready to beta test a new kind of community group for More Love Letters. In the last few years, we've loved helping students create chapters of More Love Letters on their campuses. We're hungry to create a model that gives anyone-- college students, church groups, adults, etc-- the necessary tools to gather, write letters + forge real offline community.


We would love for you to sign up as a Beta tester of this new model. After you sign up, we will be in touch the week of September 3 with some starter tools and a link to a Facebook page where we can all gather and move forward together. We are so thankful you're ready to experiment and try this out with us! Get ready to create something beautiful! 


Please complete the form below by september 3, 2018

How often do you think you'd want your group to meet?