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I found the letter at a rest stop on my way to Washington, DC with my husband and sister-in-law.  The beautifully written words were just the start of an amazing weekend with my wonderful family. A lot of mine and my husband’s life has been revolved around work lately, and this love letter reminded us that we may work hard, but we can’t forget the small things. Thank you Sunshine for brightening our day and weekend!


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I created a post on IG about the letter I found yesterday, March 14, 2014 here in Manila, Philippines. It has been such an inspiration. I admire all of you who have brought people’s faith back to life.

Here’s my post.

I was reading a ‘Daughter of Fortune’ by Isabel Allende. I bought it from a second-hand bookshop. Before puting the book down, I casually flipped thru the pages and something caught my attention. It was an envelope with “Hello stranger” written on the front side. At first, I thought it was a note from mine as she usually leaves notes of love just about anywhere. I opened it and was greeted with cursive handwriting. Nope, that couldn’t have been mine’s. I read the letter and a feeling of encouragement washed over me. A part in the letter said “DON’T GIVE UP! FIGHT!” It was a letter, signed by Jane Doe. An anonymous letter. I noticed something written on the inside of the envelope, it read #moreloveletters. I quickly googled it and found a website that promotes this ‘pay-it-forward’ type of letter writing. Having found this letter, it has really restored my faith in humanity. Recently, I have just gone through one of the lowest points of my life. I am slowly moving forward and this little act of kindness from Jane Doe has pushed me to keep moving on and to fight. Whoever you are, thank you.


Vanessa Villaluz


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Found this in the commons today, at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Absolutely changed my day. I wish i could thank the person directly for their words. I found my self trying to scribble down something as genuine and caring to leave for the girl that left this note or even the person who would sit here after me, but each attempt was eclipsed by the note it was following. So instead, i decided to part with it, leaving it in a new location for another person to chance upon these kind words.

Not sure if you will get this, but thank you, it was well received and i hope you find someone who realizes what they have.

3.11.14. SASKATOON, SK

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I have been going through quite a bit with starting a new job and my car being totalled and just days away from surgery a staff member quitting on me and a divorce that I was starting to give up hope, I came into to work today and while straightening up my kiosk in Saskatoon Saskatchewan I found this letter. So to whomever left this letter thank you very much!

3.6.14. 7 TRAIN. NYC

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I was riding the 7 train to make my Long Island Railroad train connection.    A long commute to the suburbs.

I was having a great day after meeting an old friend for lunch and catching up. I didn’t think my day could get any better and then I found this card.

The world is truly a wonderful place filled with amazing people. We just need to remind each other once in a while. Whoever left me this letter, thank you for bring true joy to my heart. I must pay this forward. Every one should have this kind of feeling.



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Found at Edmonton, Alberta in Starbucks ..was having a very overwhelming Monday so stopped for a coffee.. This letter was on the table in a pretty envelope I had to open.. It was like it had been written just for me.. Thank you to whoever left this letter… You made my day and brought a smile to my heart



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This winter has really been taking a toll on my mental health, but this morning I came across this note. I read it on my way home from dropping my daughter off at school, and I maaaay have unexpectedly burst into tears in the elevator. Thank you, C.L.


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