Early on a Sunday morning I was dropping off my boyfriend at his work right outside his office are some free news paper stands and in the front we saw this card.  It really made our day.

We found it in downtown Calgary, AB Canada out side of one of the local TV stations CityTV.

Thank you to A who left us the lovely letter as I believe we were meant to find it.

Have a beautiful day.

Jill and Randy




5.7.14. BOWIE, MD.


This letter was found in my doctor’s office in Bowie, Maryland.  It’s been a rough year, and I was feeling really down, but this was the refresher I needed!  Thank you, kind stranger!





I found this letter in a bathroom of a dance school during a wedding reception. My boyfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago and I was surrounded by happy couples in love, so this letter came at the right time and it really cheered me up! It even contained a cute keychain. Thanks, dear sender, I loved getting this :).


5.1.14. RED ROBIN


I sat down at the table and right away I see a green envelope behind the salt and pepper! I was very curious and I am glad I read the message. It’s always nice to read an encouraging word!!
Yay! :-)



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I found this letter taped to a bathroom stall at Phillips Graduate Institute. I was there for my weekly therapy session (on a Monday, what a drag!), but after reading this, I was beaming! It’s was the reminder I needed: that I am good enough. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that in such a critical world. Thanks, stranger! You made my day!

4.19.14. EAST LONDON, UK


Hi there,

I found this letter stuffed away in a library copy of ‘Midsummer Nights’ (ed. Jeanette Winterson) when I stopped by my local library branch in Forest Gate, east London, UK, to sit and read a while. As I finished one of the stories in the book, I went to put the volume back, only to find a letter inside saying in capital letters ‘IF YOU FOUND ME I’M YOURS’ (and moreloveletters.com written at the bottom). Without thinking much of it I turned the letter around to find a mysterious message telling me to keep smiling and to remember my innate worth. Currently, my life is very complicated and sometimes stressful, in that I left my home and my job in another country to come to London to follow a dream. However, I’ve travelled a long road over the last year and a half and I am still chasing my dream of a new life. With only a month or so left before I might have to return home, the note seemed to speak straight to my situation, reminding me to persist and, as the writer put it, not to ‘let the Muggles get me down’. To whoever wrote this letter I want to send you heartfelt thanks and a love letter all of my own. Your note picked me up just as I needed it most and has determined me to follow my dream until the very end. I wish you long life and happiness, with many fulfilled dreams.





Found this letter on bus 25 in whitechapel on my way back to work at 7pm. I felt so special and fated to be a part of this. Currently 10 weeks pregnant it made me forget my morning sickness as stress and see it as my blessing. I know my children love me and iwill always love them. That is the only thing I am certain of in life. Thank you.

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