12.4.13. UNCG

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Today I found this sweet note on the sink counter in the Elliot University Center girl’s bathroom here at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro! It was so sweet and made my day. Came at a good time too-it’s finals week!


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I was working today at a girls clothing store.  Normally I’m a very happy upbeat person but have had an extremely hard week and was feeling the most down today.  While helping a customer to find a size saw this lovely small envelope. Inside a card with such an up lifting note.  It turned my day around. I was so happy, it brightened my day and the other girls I work with.  Now it’s my turn to brighten someone’s day!


I found this love letter in the elevator of my apartment complex. It came at a perfect time in my senior, a time where everyone is stressing out about what they are going to do next with their life.

After reading it I felt a peace come over me that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Love this movement, love those that participate in it and will definitely send a love letter in the near to future to a stranger.


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I am a student at The University of South Alabama and I was at the local coffee shop, Satori. I was there to meet a friend for a study session and I walked outback to meet her at the door, when I found this amazing pink envelope. The front said “I’m meant for you! Take a peek.” So I shyly opened the pink envelope to a card reading ” this isn’t a romantic letter- just a friendly reminder from me to you: you are loved, you are worth it, and your life will be a wonderful adventure-full of love.” That letter was truly meant for me that night! I have had a tough couple of weeks and this brought tears to my eyes. I was on the verge of suicide because I was so unhappy with how things were going… That night changed my life and my mindset. It didn’t take an expensive therapy visit , it simply took a few kind words from a random stranger. To whom ever left that note, thank you! You changed my life and I hope knowing that, changes yours.


Well, I don’t remember the exact date when the first of the love letters arrived. It was a little note on a post-it that said YOU ROCK! with a big old smiley face, and it was left under my windshield wiper. I was in such a hurry that day that I didn’t even notice it until I had been driving for about 15 minutes. I turned on the wipers at a red light to get at it! LOL

The second note I found on a Sunday the week before Halloween. I was in a REALLY bad place. Still kind of am. I found the little note in a purple envelope under my wipers again, just as I got to church. I sat for a good 10 minutes bawling my eyes out. I’m bawling right now just looking at it again. I needed this note. I needed it so bad, and it really was/is an immeasurable support as I try to pull myself back together. I keep both little notes in my purse so that I can show it to everyone I know, and to read again when I’m losing myself again.

To whomever is writing/leaving me these; Thank you. There aren’t words to describe how much these little notes mean to me. A million times, thank you. This is a wonderful mission and I want to be a part of it too!

11.5.13. CINCINNATI, OH.

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My husband worked late this evening and found a postcard “love letter” on the elevator at the city garage (7th and Broadway in Cincinnati) as he was leaving for home.

He showed the card to all of us at home, and I immediately went to the website to find out more about the origin of this life affirming letter. As we browsed the site, our 13-year old daughter decided she would like to get involved and send some letters. I also would enjoy sending some, and I have some ideas of people who may appreciate being on the receiving end.

What a wonderful beginning to our week and what a terrific thing for our family to adopt, as well.

The Cummings Family
Florence, KY


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Wow, I have been going through a hard time in my life and while in the process of prioritizing self care, I headed up to the top of Corona Heights SF to take in some beauty and I found this confirmation that I was doing the right thing.  A little gift was waiting for me.  It was so special to me at that moment.  I am inspired to be a letter writer and to get my neices and nephews involved.  Thank you all for being here.

Love Nikki


 My freshman volleyball team found this inspiring letter in a bathroom at a high school we were playing at. We were scheduled to play two games and after having lost the first one, two of my teammates found this love letter right before our second game. As the letter was read aloud my heart began to melt. I was truly in awe of what kindness a perfectly good stranger had given my team. This thoughtful letter inspired my entire team to come back and win our next game. I can honestly say this little bit of kindness changed my life, and by joining this movement I hope to do the same for someone else!


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I recently made a very huge life changing decision, and although most of the people in my life are supportive about it, my dad has been really negative about it, so he and I have been arguing for a few days now. I found this love letter next to the sink in a bathroom right before my first class of the day, and it just really brightened my day.


I was walking home from work the other day, when i spotted a little white envelope on a bus stop. When i went to investigate I noticed it was labeled “Hey Stranger” on one side and the name of this site on the other. “I’m a stranger” i thought to myself, as i opened the envelope curiously. Inside was a nice cup cozy and a letter that read: “Hey Stranger! just a little something for you, just because. Go make waves today.

-Stranger + be well.

<3 Me”

The letter certainly put a smile on my face, and i left in a better mood. It made me want to leave a note of my own to cheer another stranger up.

I’m sure I’ll leave one before the end of the week. :D

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