Skeletons, Spiders + Spooky Stationery Picks.

Every month, our Stationery Scouter-Nicole-jumps on the blog to bring you the hottest (or in this case, spookiest) stationery finds. Enjoy!

Ghosts and goblins and witches, oh my!

It’s the time of the year when both frights and delights are in the air.  When the leaves begin to fall, the days become shorter and we embrace the spookiness of tall bent trees in the night.  When we don our best costumes, indulge in edible treats and celebrate the brisk coolness of the season.

Not everyone believes in the spirit of Halloween, but those that don’t still embrace the changing season by raking leaves, dressing their doorstep with pumpkins and bundling up against the new fall chill.

Why not infuse some of this spooky-yet-delightful season into your next love letter?

Feeling as though the recipient of your letter would be amused by a little touch of Halloween?  A simple pumpkin on kraft paper, some skeletal humor or spooky black ravens lined up in a row might do the trick!

Halloween Pumpkin from Embellished by Jackie  -  Gunther Knows Best from Squeeze My Hand   -  The Birds from Urban Belle Designs

If you’re not sure your love letter is meant to spook and scare, infusing some autumn tones is always an alternative.  Colorful pumpkins in a pleasing pattern, intricately cut acorns or layers of warm, fall colors adorned with a gentle reminder to take time to watch the leaves change.

Pumpkin Pattern from CDesignIllustrations  -  Acorn Cards from Spark Fly Creations  -  Autumn Card Set from Terra Bellus Paper Co

And my personal favorite?

A simply message on a bright pumpkin colored card.  Embracing modern typography and the feel of the season.  This fall card from Sparrow Nest Script crafts the perfect intro for your love letter.

How are you celebrating the season?  Scripting in only black or orange pen?  Embracing the rich hues of autumn in your paper choices?  Do tell.

Dear Typography, I’m lost without you.

Typography has been around since the mid-15th century, but has only been a trending art technique for the past few years.  Different fonts, sizes, placements and colors have the ability to transform a simple quote or phrase into an interesting work of art.  The font you choose can have a dramatic effect on the tone and emotion of the message you are conveying.

Stationary designers have begun embracing this technique and infusing it into their card and stationary designs.  Taking simple phrases and turning them into a meaningful message for every person who receives a handwritten note.

Such as these messages of hope that have been transformed into works of art by Paper Cart Art Prints.

A rainbow effect combined with powerful words can remind the receiver of a love letter that amazing adventures await.  Life has so many hidden opportunities.

Even without color this Hen & Co card sends a BOLD statement that any letter reader would cherish.

Do you have a favorite font that you gravitate to?  A cherished phrase you’d love to see transformed on paper?

{Every month, our lovely stationery scouter- Nicole- hops on our blog to share light, love + the hottest finds in the epistolary world right now.}

Dear Katniss. Love, Peeta.

In honor of the Hunger Games release, we’ve gathered the best stationery around to celebrate the occasion! Feast your eyes on this bright bunch of Hunger Games-inspired cards + knick knacks.

& may the letter writing be ever in your favor.

{Down with the Capitol}

Postalgia, Set of 3 for $5

{Happy Hunger Games!}

Alice Livingston, $2.07

{Melting like the baker’s butter}

Jordan Amanda Liz, $2.25

{Call me, maybe? Katniss Style}

Society6, $35

{I support the girl on fire}

Entropy Trading Co., $15.00

Going for the Gold

We’re getting down to the end of the Olympics & of course we are anxious to see who will take home the gold.

Speaking of gold…

We’re jazzed about these stationery + office finds. Perhaps the winning athletes will think to send some thank you notes to their fans?

{Sucker for Stripes}

Rifle Paper Co.

{Heart of Gold: Ryan Lochte much?}

Miss. B.

{Happy Note}


{Olympic “Sea”son}

Sarah Kirsch


Michael Kors

Embracing the Ombre.

We love nothing more than when our Stationery Scouter, Nicole, comes to hang out on the blog & gives us the latest scoop on what is “cool” in the postal world. You’ll dig her selection this week, we know it. 

It’s no secret that ombré has infiltrated the creative world this year.  Embraced in everything from home decor to hairstyles, ombré provides a pop of color with a subtle texture that is soothing to the eye.  Bright coral variations remind one of summer sunsets while ombré patterns of mint and pool evoke a desire to go for a dip in the gulf.

Even brides have been embracing ombré this year, introducing the trend into floral arrangements, invitations, even their selection of bridesmaid dresses.  I adore the freedom this style brings, allowing one to completely customize colors, tone and depth.  The possibilities are endless!

So why not infuse a bit of this trend in your love letters?

This sweet watercolor washed note card from Rifle Paper Company is the perfect introduction for your note to a stranger or even to a friend during a tough month!

If you adore little sayings combined with color, this card from Puddleduck Paper Company says it all!  I love when designers allow you to customize your colors, so you can have one in every shade.

For a card that needs no introduction, a sweet rose atop a sea of varying corals is a lovely way to greet a stranger on a rainy day.  This stationary set from Quad Deuce Design is modern but has a slight vintage feel.

Are you embracing the ombré trend?  What’s your favorite color variation?

Congratulations, You’re Quite Wonderful

Every month, our lovely stationery scouter- Nicole- hops on our blog to share light, love + the hottest finds in the epistolary world right now.

Between weddings, graduations and leaps of faith, any month is a good one to fuel others through congratulations.  Sure established events are memorable and worthy of a note of our appreciation, but one doesn’t need a ceremony as an excuse to congratulate someone on their biggest achievement: being the wonderful person they are.
I adore sending little notes celebrating friends, family, even love letter strangers, for following their hopes and dreams.  For making it through tough times.  For being a smile on the subway.  For making the world a better place just by being them.
I love carefully selecting each letter with the recipient and purpose in mind.
Such as this funky letterpress ‘You Rule‘ card from Wishbone Letterpress.  Perfect for my friend who just nabbed her dream teaching job!
Or for that sweet little note you want to drop a dear friend or even a stranger to let them know that you’re Just Plain Happy for them and for all that they’ve accomplished over the past few years, this Sugar Paper card fits the bill!
And whether you’re congratulating someone on taking a leap of faith or just sending a little encouragement for their future, this vintage letterpress card from Sycamore Street Press says it all.
Who are you congratulating this month?

Summer Sun + Stationery

Twice a month, Nicole– our trusted stationery scouter– arrives on the blog with great finds in tow. Check her out, follow here + share your favorite stationery below!
Living in Cleveland results in a feeling of appreciation once July rolls around.  The one month when it truly feels like summer in our area.  Extended hours of sunlight provide that energy boost I’ve been missing the past few months.  A few days on the water leave me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything.  And who could be sad with a world of leafy green surrounding them?
Summer is a healing season.  One that brings light and joy to all it touches.
Why not infuse some of that happiness into your next love letter?
These mini blank laser die cut cards from 2 Birds Paper Designs feature summery silhouettes in bright colors.  Perfect for jotting a quick little note to a waitress who looks like she could use a love letter.
A simple nod to everyone’s favorite summer fruits is sure to brighten up the face of anyone who receives a letter lovingly penned on these hand painted kraft creations from Jersey’s Freshest Cards.
And colorful flip flops are the star of these personalized notecards from Karen’s Kreations.  Just replace the personalization with a simple greeting such as ‘oh, hello!’
What part of summer brings you the most happiness?

Pressed on the Heart: Stationery Finds in the World of Letterpress

Every 1st and 15th of the month, our brilliant Stationery Scouter, Nicole, shows up on the blog to report all the latest & greatest trends in letter writing!
So grab your afternoon coffee and feast your eyes on the beauty below!

Elegant, simple and clean.

Letterpress has always caught my eye wherever its used.

From its origins in Chinese woodblock printing to modern day wedding invitations, letterpress has a unique look that is classic and chic.  Traditionally letterpress has been reserved for more formal and elegant occasions such as nuptials and soirees, but this textured imprint is the perfect compliment to any sweet little note.

I adore this witty little comment in bold typography from Sweet Harvey.  A perfect opening line for a love letter to a stranger or a friend.

Or even a bright and cheerful ‘hello friend!’ printed luxe cotton paper by Anemone Letterpress.
Even larger stationary companies such as Crane & Co are embracing this trend with a more modern approach.  Such as these sweet willows note cards from their shop.  A simplistic design printed on paper specifically developed for letterpress printing.
Any other letterpress designs that you covet?  Do share :)

Forget April Showers: Springing into Stationery Selections for the May Flowers

Notes from a Love Letter Writer-

I beyond excited to introduce Nicole into the More Love Letters Community! We searched far & wide for a Stationery Scouter, someone who could pull apart the Kate Spade selections from the racks of Crane & Co. Someone who knew the essential in’s & out’s of all that the stationery industry has to offer in this season. 

Beyond doubt, I know Nicole will be the perfect fit for this role on the More Love Letters Team. Acclaimed “Busy Girl,” with a blog you will surely fall hard for, she comes to MLL with an eccentric love for coffee, photography and, of course, love letters. 

We look forward to Nicole’s reporting every other week on the hottest trends and selections out there to help you jazz up your love letters and brighten the day of whoever picks them up. 

For most of us, spring is just around the corner.

Teasing us with 60 degree days, then quickly hiding behind the cold winter winds from the north.

Even if the weather isn’t quite shouting ‘spring’ yet, we’re still ready to embrace the colors and signs of life poking through the cold soil.  Relishing in every green leaf, every sign of breath that nature takes.  Spring is an awakening that should inspire everyone.  To share the joy, the warmth, of the season.

For me, watercolors capture the essence of the spring  Bringing color and life to anyone who views these works of art.

Every hand painted design can bring joy to someone who isn’t having the greatest of days. Some of my favorites?

Shannon Kristen’s amazing interpretations of her own backyard in Bradenton, Florida.

Full of life, color and hope for a sunny, bright day.

If chevron has stolen your heart, this watercolor interpretation from Paper Krush will as well. A simplistic modern design to showcase your writing for anyone who picks up your love note.

Even Kate Spade has embraced the quiet elegance that watercolor can bring with her Cherry Blossom Notes sold in Papyrus stores. A simple way to say thank you to someone for brightening your day.

Any other watercolor inspired stationary catching your eye? Do share!