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Found this envolope in the bus, Breakfast Tea and A letter inside and it says ” Stop spending so much time wondering why you are not good! Strop spending so much time over analyzing, over-thinking and over reactiong. Stop wasting yourself down. Stop putting your head down and closing your heart because you’ll miss your chance to see that the sun is shining and the morrow is another day. You are Beautiful, and you are always Good Enough, Don’t forget that.” It brightern up my day, amd i have to say this Everyone shouldn’t be put down. Everyone is equal ,special and beautiful in their own ways, Every single one should be loved. And stop wasting time thinking you’re not good enough.. Nobody is perfect. All you need is confidence, have confidence in yourself. I would like to thank the stranger who sent out these kind of letter #moreloveletters

Douglas Humphries Was Here.

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Dear You,

Odd as it may sound, I have thought about what sort of legacy I’ll leave behind. I guess it’s not so odd. We all think about what kind of impact we’ll leave on the world, don’t we? Perhaps I think it’s odd because I’m at the stage in my life where I’m not sure what my legacy will be. I don’t seem to have accomplished much so far, so I wonder if I’ll accomplish anything. Anything worthwhile, that is.

At the same time, I am a writer. I know exactly what I will leave behind: my words. But will anyone read them? Will anyone remember that I put them there? I don’t know. But it think that may not be the point. Words matter, but they are not the only or best thing. The best prints we leave on the world are kindness, mercy, grace, and truth. I do not know what else I will leave to posterity, but I can leave this.

There is nothing more awe-inspiring in its beauty and its wonder than love. In all its ways and all its forms it is truly a thing to behold. Ant though I wonder at times whether I will ever truly know it in the way that I would wish, I do not doubt for a moment its infinite value or that it is a thing worth pursuing with all of one’s self.

There are dark nights. Pain, death, terror is real, but they are not the only real thing. There are splendors and miracles- big and small- that put such things to shame. All the evil in the world cannot diminish the simplicity of a dew-covered blade of grass. Never doubt that such things can save your soul.

There is a certain loveliness to heartbreak. It is no beauty we would desire, but it serves as a reminder of what we are capable of. That we can love. That we can give love. That we can be hurt, yes, but that hurt means we are not dead or cold inside. To love is to risk. And to get our hearts broken means we had hearts to begin with.  Remember, they do not break forever. They will not be the same, but “many things are strong in the broken places.”

And there are reasons to get up in the morning. It may not seem that way, when all you have is a blank ceiling, and your bed, though empty, seems far more inviting than the rest of the world. But there are things to see and do and be. This may seem like poetry, elegant nonsense, but every poem you ever read was trying to tell you a simple truth: there are things worth writing poems about.

Go find them.

And lastly, I leave you this: When the night is cold, when the morning refuses to come, when your breath holds so tightly in your chest that you think it might burst from your ribs, when you wish it would, when the things you desire seem beyond your deserving of them, when you just can’t, please remember this. You are worth every good thing in this world. I won’t tell you that all of this will pass. There are times that even I don’t believe that. I will tell you that you have worth. That you have a heart that beats so loudly and strongly, tapping out the lub-dub message: I exist.

You deserve love. Days will come, indeed they may already be here, when you don’t believe it. There are days I don’t But let us, together, believe it, for ourselves, for each other, for every living soul. Because it is true. Because it is the most beautiful fact in the whole universe.

Be well, my friend.



Douglas Humphries was here.

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