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Wow, it's crazy to be writing in this space today. It feels like the start of something new.

Over the years, we've read powerful testimonies and linked arms with people in need of encouragement. We've seen you grow and empower one another. We've heard crazy stories where only love could possibly be the culprit. We've realized through our movement that this isn't just a movement about stamps or stationery. That would be playing it much too small. In fact, it's not about that at all. 

This movement is about love. It's about what happens when people come together to help one another get through the dark. It's a movement where we all show up for others and we learn how to love one another better through our words and our actions. It starts with a letter but it definitely doesn't end there. 

When I started More Love Letters six years ago I didn't expect any of what ended up happening. I thought it would be a small project. My friends and family tried to warn me but I just didn't see it. My doubt was quick to taunt me by asking: Do you really think a love letter can make a difference? Do you really think you can change the world?

If you've ever grappled with that feeling then know you are not alone. There's a thing called fear and it wants to badly to keep you quiet and shoved in a corner. The best weapon I've found to use against the fear is a simple tool I've had forever: my voice. Using your voice to speak out and against fear is how I believe love gets the chance to be louder. 

We have a choice: we can build of out fear or we can build out of love instead. 

We have a choice: we can build of out fear or we can build out of love instead. 

So why start the blog again? Well, there are a few reasons:

1) We want to update you on the good you are doing: We get so many testimonies from people who get love letters from our community and we need a place to put them! From now on, you can expect regular updates in this space about Bundles we give, what Campus Cursive is up to, and how to become more involved with our tribe.

2) We believe you've got a story to tell: We want to use our platform to share the voices of our movement. We are rolling out diary posts from different people, all over the world, who are learning how to be brave and capable every single day. We would love for you to join us and write some pieces! We are planning to dig deeper into the following (but not limited to): 

  • friendships & relationships
  • growth & spirituality
  • work & life balance
  • mental health 
  • world-shaking & movement making

3) We think this world needs more love letters: And each of these entries is going to be just that: love letters written from the heart. It is our hope these words will find you on hard days and good days. We hope to meet you in the mess and when your head is in the clouds. We want to cheer you on in the tough conversations and the real moments. We are for you and we are going to use this space to prove it over and over again.

Be well. Love hard. Keep reading. 


hb. + the MLL team



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Hannah Brencher is the founder of More Love Letters and the current blog editor. She blogs at about honest faith, health, and relationships. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Lane. Follow her on Instagram here.

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