324 love letters for Zaden!


Hey Letter Writers,

I honestly cannot believe we've already made it to Spring! The year is going by so fast so let's make sure to stop, suck in the good around us, and send love out into the world. I'm honored to be a part of this crew!

Today we are sharing a story from a Bundle we delivered a few months ago to Zaden:

The original request: 

“Zaden is nine years old. My sister is his third-grade teacher. A few weeks ago, Zaden and his family were involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Zaden’s seat belt snapped and he was ejected from the vehicle. He survived the accident but with four shattered vertebrae, internal bleeding, organ damage, and the muscles and tendons on his neck were all torn–meaning his head is only attached by his spine. He’s in a full body cast and he has a long road of recovery ahead. He is scared and confused as they are unsure at this time if he will ever walk again. But kids are special, and they have a way of beating the odds every day.

My sister and I would love to give Zaden (and his mother) the tangible love and support of a bundle of letters. We want to show him just how many people are in his corner cheering him on.”


Zaden received 320+ love letters from across the world. 

"We have 324 letters (envelopes - some are from whole classes!) from 43 states and 7 countries! I’m sending the letters home with my sister today so she can pass them along! As my sister is tutoring Zaden, she is keeping a small stack so that she can begin each of their lessons with a letter! She’s also getting a map for her classroom so they (as a class) can track where all of the letters came from."

She’s also getting a map for her classroom so they (as a class) can track where all of the letters came from.

We are continually amazed by the good work you do and how you cheer others on so selflessly. Keep it up!


hb. + the MLL Team

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