On the 2nd Day of Love Letter Writing...

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Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing! Today is all about Patty & Meredith! Need some tips on writing letters? We've got them for you




Patty and Meredith are a mother/daughter duo in need of encouragement + love as they face memories of loss during this holiday season. Their friend shared their story with us:

“I have been friends with Meredith since first grade–for fourteen years now. Meredith hasn't had the easiest life. In first grade, her sister died. Even though a tragedy like this has the power to destroy any family, Meredith and her parents–John and Patty–became closer than ever. I was always struck with the amount of joy and love that they were able to have and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with this beautiful family.

Our junior year of high school, tragedy struck again. Meredith's dad, John, was diagnosed with glioblastoma–a brain cancer. This was devastating, but their family still stayed strong and didn't let it get in the way of their love for each other. However, last year, John died a week before Thanksgiving and near Patty’s birthday. In his last moments, Meredith played his favorite song on violin and he went peacefully. Although John is gone, he is always with us in Meredith. Her snarky demeanor and humor is all John, and I'm sure he is more proud of her than words can describe. John always taught Meredith to be a kind woman, and to go through life living it to the fullest. I would love to give Meredith and Patty the gift of words, and not just my own. The holidays are coming up and I know that there are some dark days to come for them.”

Please join us as we write to Patty + Meredith and let them know that they are not alone.


Meredith and Patty’s bundle

℅ Isabella J.

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