On the 5th Day of Love Letter Writing...

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Hang the stockings & spread some cheer with us this Friday! Need some tips on writing letters? We've got them for you



5. LIZ

Liz’s friend reached out to us and requested a letter request for her as she faces an incredibly heartbreaking situation. She wrote:

“Liz is an amazing woman. She's smart, funny, kind, and strong. She’s a nurse, a mother, and a wife. And now, also a widow.

Liz fell in love in university with a quiet, strong cattle rancher whose past was rapt with heartache. After they were wed, Liz found herself a whole province away from her entire family and her support system–living in the middle of nowhere on a cattle ranch with the cowboy of her dreams. Liz and her husband were their own family, as he had none besides her.

As life went on, Liz and her husband had four beautiful children, and along the way Liz started to find herself. She developed habits, made friends, found her footing as a wonderful mother, and as ever, adored her husband.

One October day, a wildfire started. Liz’s husband was a volunteer firefighter and rushed to fight the fire for his friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. He left to save cattle and people's homes without a second thought. He never came home. An accident related to the fire took his life that night. And in the morning, the day of her eldest child's sixth birthday, Liz's world was turned upside down. She no longer has footing. She no longer has this man beside her. Her children no longer have their father to look up to. I fear she is struggling to find a reason to continue on.”

Grab your pens and join us in sending some much-needed encouragement to Liz.



Liz’s bundle

℅ Katelyn T.

PO Box 327

Tompkins, SK