160+ love letters for Cynthia!

In June, we got to hear Cynthia’s story. Cynthia was nominated by her roommate, Shannon, who said, “I would like to share about my sweet roommate who is struggling really hard right now. She has dealt with health issues for years but it has gotten worse over the past several months. She was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease, a chronic illness. Working her full-time retail job is a necessity for her but can be excruciating to the point where she feels she wants to die at times. In addition to her physical health, she feels very isolated and lonely. Her family and friends live far away, and she feels she has no one around her who understands her or seeks to listen. She has dealt with a lot of hurt from others at church who seem to not care or show compassion. She has been pushed away or ignored by person after person and is craving community. She has a deep faith in the Lord that gives her strength, but she is growing very weary and wonders why God continues to have her in these situations. I know she would adore a package of letters to lift her spirits!!”

We can’t thank you enough for surrounding Cynthia with love and community through your letters! 

It has been a joy and delight of my heart to see so many tangible pieces of love and care from all over the world coming to a mailbox for Cynthia. I know she will be blown away by thinking about how many people care and reading their kind words of encouragement.
— -Shannon, Bundle Facilitator

“It’s going well so far and makes me so happy every time I check the mailbox and see a stack in there! What a special process to be a part of - such a privilege.

I just read a couple blog posts on the MLL site and couldn’t agree more with what several facilitators have said; it is such a blessing to be the one getting to collect the letters. 

As of yesterday, 169 letters have come in, from around 24 states and 3 countries (New Zealand, Canada, Australia)!