The World Needs More Love Letters generates no income. Unfortunately, we have yet to find the lovely land where stamps grow on trees and package shipping is as free as air.

The More Love Letters team wants nothing more than to continue pumping the mailboxes of this world full with light & love, and the brilliant product that arrives when you pull the two together: love letters. Why? Because you and the people in your life deserve them and, well, the world actually needs them.

Please, if you have been touched by the love letters, consider donating to the cause and help us to keep the world full of them.

I struggle to grip the words to thank you for your support in this creative endeavor that has so fulfilled me and the lives of so many. You have allowed me to pin heart to page, day after day, and I would love nothing more than to continue fueling, what I have deemed from day one as my living love letter to all of you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hannah Katy, Founder & Chief Love Letter Writer