we've got three ways for you to do your thang with us...






should I list my return address on the letters?

Completely up to you! If you feel more comfortable not including your return address then please feel free to use ours on your envelope: 

More Love Letters

535 Gresham Avenue

Atlanta, Georgia. 30316


will my letter stay in its envelope when it arrives? 

We ask the individual(s) facilitating the bundles to carefully open each letter and go through the contents to make sure the nature of the letter is not compromising or harmful. However, in the past we have seen many individuals choose to put love letters back in their original envelopes because of the creativity of the envelope.


where can I nominate someone for a love letter bundle?

You can nominate an individual for a love letter bundle righttttt here!


if i feel inclined, can i send money or gifts with my love letter? 

We kindly ask that no monetary gifts be included with the love letter bundles. While we appreciate gratuity, we do not not gift individuals with monetary donations or tangible gifts apart from love letters. 


I am international... Can I still write?

Absolutely! We welcome letters from all countries and even carve out space with every letter request so that your letter has time to travel where it needs to go!


can I start a branch of MLL in my own country?

We do not currently allow branches of MLL in different countries but we are brewing up some ideas for new communities so stay looped in! 


can i talk about faith in my love letters?

We do not censor religious views in love letters but we are mindful that More Love Letters is not a religiously-affiliated site. It is up to the facilitator of each bundle to determine whether love letters containing faith-based content will remain in the bundle, based on the beliefs of the recipient. 


do you have some sample letters i can check out? 

Certainly! See below!