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4.6.14. PHILLY, PA

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Hi guys!!! Just wanted to let you know that this letter really brightened my day.  I found this at my job in the ladies lounge on April 2nd.  Just when I was feeling down and uncertain, this card was right on time. Thank you kind stranger, wherever you are!!!

Miesha Washington
Philadelphia, PA


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I found this about couple months ago at Sheldon High School in Sacramento, CA. It was sitting in front of a box office. I thought it was there money inside cause it felt so heavy but no money lol. Just a letter. After taking the time to read this, it made me realize who I really am. Lately, I’ve been feeling down. But after reading this, I found my happiness again. I really love how the person puts some thought into it. And so, I kept it. It’s gonna remind me to be the person I should be for the rest of my life. Staying positive~


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This letter was found in the small town of Stevensville, MT.  It was tucked behind some cat food in a local feed and farm (the country store), found by the employees of the store. It was found on what was a very important day for the store manager, my husband. A day that needed to go smoothly for him. He said once he read it he knew it was going to be a great day. He came home that night to the kids and I with good news and this letter. They all thought is was so cool and plan to pay it forward.


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Hey there,

I was having a rough Monday morning so I decided to pick myself up a new book. I got home and opened the book and discovered this beautiful letter. It was perfect timing. You guys have got the right idea – and thank you for putting that idea out there. It meant a great deal to me to know that this kind of thing exists.

Btw, my name is Alex and I found this letter in a book store in Brisbane QLD Australia.

3.21.14. PROVO, UT

 Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.15.08 PM

The campus bookstore didn’t have the paint I was looking for, but I think I still got what I needed.

Friend: thank you so much for your sweet note. I’ve been having a pretty rough go of things for a while now, and though I like to consider myself optimistic, there are days when it’s hard to keep my head up. And this was one of them. Your letter brightened my morning immensely, and I am incredibly thankful I happened to stumble upon it while searching for art supplies. Little things like this are how I know God is there, watching out for me; may He bless you for your kindness.

I almost left the note there for someone else to find, but decided I wanted to keep it as a reminder and I promise to leave a new one in its place. I don’t want the chain to end with me, and I’m so glad there’s so much love still in the world.

3.21.14. LONDON, UK

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I found this in a bathroom stall at Stratford, at a time when I’m on the cusp of big, scary, massive change in all areas. This made my day, week, month, year. What a great project.

Thank you.


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 Found at Remedy Cafe in Edmonton Alberta while I was out getting a coffee with my sister. Perfect way to start a cold snowy day! Thank you to whoever wrote this letter, my day was filled with happiness because of you!

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