Clinton Elementary School-- Clinton, Louisiana-- December 2011

Today we have the youngest love letter writers we’ve ever worked with writing love letters to Julia, our recipient for the 8th Day of Love Letter Writing.

The fourth graders at Clinton Elementary School in Clinton, Louisiana learned just want it takes to write a love letter last week.

These kids worked hard with first, second and final drafts to produce some really beautiful love letters for Julia.

As a teacher it is sometimes very difficult to motivate my 4th graders to put 100% of their energy into their work.  However, this project was different.  

From the moment I introduced Julia to my students in rural Louisiana, they were enamored with the idea of writing her a letter.  They brainstormed, wrote rough drafts, proofread, and finally published amazing final drafts with their own gumption.  You could feel the outpouring of love in the classroom as they genuinely fell in love with Julia and her story.  I feel as though writing to Julia may have done more for us than for her! 

My students were united by the mission they were handed, and they absolutely radiated positivity all week.  We have been inspired by her courage in the face of this disease, and I will forever remember the power she had in my classroom. 

We all wish Julia the best, and I am thankful that my students had the opportunity to share their beautiful spirits with her. 

A BIG THANK YOU to the kids at the Clinton Elementary School for being our first classroom full of love letter writers! We are beyond ready to introduce many more…