Food For Thought-- Ithaca College-- December 2011

This… my friends… THIS is why the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing has already blown me away on the very first day. Not only have you taken the time to script cards and pour your hearts onto a page for Nickie but group’s like Ithaca College’s Food for Thought dedicated some of their Monday meeting time to writing Nickie love letters. This is going to be an absolutely brilliant bundle. Founder of Food for Thought at Ithaca, Elizabeth Stoltz, trusted me to find the words to put beside this post– And honestly? I am speechless. They plan to integrate writing love letters into their meetings from now on so you can expect to see this crew popping up more often on the blog. This group of students has shown me just how important it is to take an idea and run with it. The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing was just a dream of mine one month ago, today it stands still as a reality because of people like them and all of you.

Keep writing your hearts out. It is working.