Love Letter Bundle Testimony-- Erika, December 2011

We received some words from one of our Love Letter Recipients for the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing the other day…

Remember Erika? Our 29-year-old go getter who feared she wasn’t really “enough” in this world. Well, thanks to Facebook, we got some great confirmation that all of the love letters have been a huge help in her waiting on law schools.

“I was previously unaware of this fabulous organization- and wow! What a wonderful idea! As one of my letter writers suspected, yes, I would be much more comfortable writing a letter for someone rather than being the recipient of 52 beautiful letters.

Between my previous work in in counter-terrorism and my current work with human trafficking, the evil of humanity really never surprises me. But the overwhelming GOOD in some people- the kind that causes a person to write a total stranger a love letter, for example- takes my breath away and catches me off guard. It is difficult to know how to respond to it, which is why I have not said anything on this post yet.

I am very grateful for my amazing sister Erin who nominated me for this- and who I admire for so many reasons. I am very grateful for each person who took time out of their extremely busy pre-holiday plans and festivities to write me, a perfect stranger, a letter. And I am grateful to this person Hannah who turned a dark time in her life into an opportunity to bless the lives of the lost and hurting around her. I know that in the coming weeks and months as I await responses from law schools, as well as while actually a law student… I will refer back to these very special love letters when I need to be reminded that I am worth something, and that I am more than a law applicant/law student/etc. Thank you all for this wonderful gift.”