Love Letter Found-- February 2012

"A few weeks ago I found a note in a book I borrowed from the library that so encouraged me and made my day.   I was heading to visit my sister in the hospital and thought I’d bring a book to read that would encourage me.  The note in the book was just what I needed that day.

Thanks to Sarah the note writer.  It was on beautiful stationery with a dove and a flower and she had the word SMILE written in big letters at the top of the note.  I needed a smile at that point. As I continued reading the note it made me smile even more.

Thanks for More Love  You have encouraged me to send these to friends who needs those reminders every now and then.  I am the one who normally my friends look to for encouragement helping them to see the brighter side of things.  Thank you to Sarah, that note was a burst of sunshine in my day.”  -Debi