Love Letter Found-- September 2012

“I came out to my parents about a month ago. My mother decided the best thing to do was to tell me I was giving up on my life and throwing the towel in. Needless to say, they didn’t really support my decision to come out. It took me 24 years to finally be ok with who I am. I knew they wouldn’t celebrate with me, but a little support would have been nice.

The next day I went into Starbucks and got some Iced VIA Coffee…when I picked up the package I found a love letter. Inside it said, “Keep your chin up. You got that? Good!”

Sometimes all you need is to know someone loves you. Thanks. I needed this.”

Writer of the Letter: Danielle

“I found out that Tyler found my letter when Hannah sent me an email with the testimony and a photo, where I saw the trademark mustache I leave on all my letter drops. When I read his actual testimony, I was so moved and honored that I was someone who helped him get through such a tough time- and I tweeted at him to let him know! Yet another reason why I love this organization so much- it connects people in the most intimate of ways, even if it is someone you’ll never meet.”