Testimony-- October 2011

Today, while sitting at lunch with my coworkers, we began discussing “random acts to kindness.” I smiled because this is one of my favorite topics and gladly chirped in here and there. Then, a coworker’s boyfriend chimed in and starting talking about this “letter”that was left in his office building.I felt my face flush as he began to tell the story. He was walking by and on the vending machine sat a brightly colored envelope with “For You” written on the front. He looked around curiously, asked some coworkers if they should open it (thinking that it could be for the vending machine refiller…), and decided to grab it.

He read the note, describing how it told him to let go of whatever was bothering him today, let someone else carry the stress for just a minute, even if that person is anonymous.I waited for him to laugh about it, call it silly or girly, but that never happened.

He smiled and said, “That was so cool!” He told us that he shared it with his coworkers, then folded it up and put it back..leaving it for other people. I was shocked. I could not believe I was sitting at lunch, talking about this random love letter that I LEFT!

I grinned like a goof, ate my PB&J, and never revealed that I was the writer. I let him believe in the magic of the unknown. He mentioned that it told him to visit moreloveletters.com, which he hasn’t yet. I hope he does and hope he finds out what an amazing project we’re a part of. <3