Love Letter Found: Arkansas. 12-13-13.

After two moves in the last six months, I discovered a found love letter that I had saved. I found my love letter sometime last spring during my final semester of college in a parking lot at Arkansas Tech University (around April 2013). Some kind person left the letter neatly folded on the running board of my SUV on the driver’s side. It was pouring down rain, and had it not been for the bold font on the outside of the letter I’m not sure I ever would have noticed it waiting for me. I remember being particular impressed at how almost completely dry the letter remained. I had never heard of MLL before, and the moment that I found my letter was serendipitous indeed. I was having a particular difficult day (I remember because finding the letter made such an impression on me), and it was as if someone out there just knew. Someone who knew all about the worries, fears, doubts, anxiety, and even anger that I was experiencing at the time. I was touched. I was even more moved when I discovered the vastness of the MLL movement. The world needs MLL. Thank you to the person who wrote me my first love letter. I hope to pay it forward with more love letters of my own.