Love Letter Found: Brookfield, Wisconsin. 12-19-13.

I work at a bookstore and during the holiday season, we get crazy busy.  As anyone who has ever worked retail can attest, it can get pretty intense and there are days where it’s a triumph if you can get through the day with even a shred of sanity left intact.  Today I was shelving some new magazines in our newsstand display, when I noticed something was sticking out of one of the home decorating magazines.  At first I thought it was one of those annoying subscription cards and was ready to throw it away  before I noticed it was in fact an envelope.  When I turned it over and read that it was a love letter, I was stunned, shocked and surprised.  I took it in the break room and read it on my next break and I was moved to tears by it.  It is like this person knew EXACTLY what I’m going through.  It was like a big cozy hug for my heart.  I was deeply moved by this beautiful and thoughtful gesture of kindness.  I cannot wait to join this wonderful movement and spread some love and joy throughout the country.