Love Letter Found: Nashville, Tennessee. 2-16-14.

on saturday, february 15 karma put a love letter from a stranger in my hands to read aloud to two women who are my chosen family. these two incredible, life long friends had just finished helping me move to a new place around the corner from a small, leafless tree covered in hanging love letters at the edge of a busy sidewalk in nashville’s 12th south district.

there is nothing remotely positive about me moving. i am literally running in fear leaving behind all i ever knew and all that i have ever possessed into a small, furnished apt with very few of my own belongings. now i get to add a love letter from a complete stranger to those belongings…..taped to the fridge where i can read and cherish it daily and where it will stay even after i am gone.

i am not on twitter so i don’t know how to reach #12solove, but i’m hopeful that you can pass along a very sincere thank-you for me. after choosing this letter at random and reading it aloud to two of the most cherished people in my life, my heart was truly happy for the first time in months.

attached is a pic of my letter containing a quote that could have not been more perfect at a specific moment in time on a sunny winter afternoon literally in the first hours of my new so-called-life.

with gratitude ~