Love Letter Found: Oakland, CA. 12-6-13

Hi there!

I’ve just discovered your website and begun writing my first love letters, and I am hooked on this movement! About 6 months ago in Oakland, while on a break from work, I actually found a love letter attached to some flowers that read: “This is for YOU!” Without picking up the bouquet, I read the front of the letter and was so filled with love and joy and connection and a sense of faith in humanity! The thing is, I didn’t pick up the letter or the bouquet, I left them there, thinking, “This should go to someone else”. I wonder how many people do NOT pick up these love letters because of a lack of entitlement. Deep down I didn’t pick up the letter and flowers because I was saying to myself, “I haven’t done anything to deserve this.”. Well, I would like to be someone who believes that I deserves a love letter and flowers from a complete stranger! And if I ever find another love letter addressed to “YOU”, I will take it! In the meantime, I am inspired to leave a trail of love letters behind me as I move through life, creating an invisible map of all the love I have to give. Maybe I can help others to believe that they also deserve a love letter from a stranger.

Thanks!! xox- Jasmiene