Love Letter Found: Saskatoon, Canada. 12-21-13.

I’m from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and I work as a city bus driver. December is such a cold, miserable month, and the roads are icy and it’s the time of year where everyone is rushing around to get the last of their Christmas shopping done. My job is nothing but stress, but I try my best to keep on schedule. I had just gotten through rush hour but was feeling tired, frazzled and COLD (-25 Celsius.. I don’t even know what that is in Fahrenheit!). I only had 2 girls on my bus, and had pulled up next to a convenience store with about a 2 minute layover. I don’t usually stop for anything because often passengers give me grief for stepping off the bus, but I decided me need for a coffee was stronger than my fear of admonishment. I turned to the girls and said “be back in two minutes!” and trotted off for my hot beverage. We still arrived downtown on time, and when one of the girls was disembarking, she stuck this note on my fare box and slipped away without a word. It was such a random, sweet sentiment. It made me smile for the rest of my shift! It was so nice to be recognized and acknowledged as a person for a moment. Sometimes the way I get treated in my job can be so dehumanizing. Thanks so much, KMLK3!!

-Kristen K, bus driver route 17!