Love Letter Found: Michigan. 2-4-14.

It is the middle of Michigan’s second polar vortex. My dog needs to go out so I am taking her for a walk in the subzero weather. I am coming into the end of my second year in medical school, feeling the grind, but aware that I have to keep my head up because the next three years are even harder. I see an envelop stuck deliberately in the snow beneath a bush. I pick it up. “Read me” it says. I look over my shoulder. Twice. Inside is a note of encouragement. It is helpful. Given the neighborhood and the density of med students here, I wonder if it was written by someone who understands the difficulty of the training. It sure seems like it. I share it with my class. They love it. That letter brightened many people’s Monday.

Love Letter Found: U of M. 2-4-14.


I work at U of M full time and am also going to nursing school full time. Mondays start my chaotic weeks that result in very little sleep and not enough hours to get things done. I dread Mondays. At 6:15 AM, this morning (Monday), this is what I found and what made my day. I love random acts of kindness. Thank you, stranger who left me this amazing note. I need all the help and support I can to get through every day, especially Mondays. You rock!


Love Letter Found: 2-3-14.

Hi stranger,

I’m going through a mentally difficult time. Stress leave, depression treatment, I was on my back from counselling (no apt available) and I was extremely down and on the verge of crying. The library was too crowded, wifi was slow, I couldn’t concentrate and i felt i looked horrible and everyone was starring at me. I was in no mood to be anywhere. I couldn’t log into the computer, but this did catch my eye. Im going to take it with me everywhere to remind me that though it didnot chear me up or make my problems go away, there are people out there that are half decent.


From the person hiding away crying.

Love Letter Found: Woodbury, Minnesota. 1-25-14.


Today my mom and I were browsing around the library in Woodbury, MN when we came across a book called Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare.  My mom was looking through the book and as she was about to put it back on the shelf, she saw this had been tucked next to it.  We decided to borrow the book and read the letter together.  We have both had very rough weeks and this letter came at the perfect time.  Whoever wrote this letter, you are an amazing person and lifted the spirits of two people who really needed it!  I can’t wait to write my own love letter for someone to find!

Love Letter Found: Kansas City, Kansas. 1-16-14.

Hi there,

I found this today 1/16/14 in the bathroom at the hospital I work for-University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, KS. I was having such a crappy day and then I found this. It’s so refreshing to know that there are tons of people out there willing to spread love & joy to others. Even my co-worker said “You needed that today!” She’s so right. Thank you to the amazing stranger who took the time to make my day a little better. I can’t wait to spread the love!

Love Letter Found: Redding, Connecticut. 1-1-14.

I found this letter tucked into the travel guide book section of the Mark Twain Library in Redding, CT, in late December. It totally made my day! And after I read about it, I put it in my pocket where I promptly forgot it was there. Every time I put my hand in my pocket for the rest of the day, I felt the envelope and smiled again. Thank you Sarah, the kind stranger who took the time to leave such a warm note!

And thank you to you, who posts all the lovely love letters for the world to see <

Love Letter Found: Danbury, Connecticut. 1-1-14.

I’m a bookseller at the Barnes & Noble in my town, and I was having a pretty rough night at work. It was a very busy and very hectic New Years Day. Towards the end of the night I was straightening the Humor section and saw something pressed in between two books. To the person who put it there: thank you. I love finding little things like this. You made my night much much brighter, and every rude customer I had that day didn’t seem so bad anymore. 

Love Letter Found: Saskatoon, Canada. 12-21-13.

I’m from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and I work as a city bus driver. December is such a cold, miserable month, and the roads are icy and it’s the time of year where everyone is rushing around to get the last of their Christmas shopping done. My job is nothing but stress, but I try my best to keep on schedule. I had just gotten through rush hour but was feeling tired, frazzled and COLD (-25 Celsius.. I don’t even know what that is in Fahrenheit!). I only had 2 girls on my bus, and had pulled up next to a convenience store with about a 2 minute layover. I don’t usually stop for anything because often passengers give me grief for stepping off the bus, but I decided me need for a coffee was stronger than my fear of admonishment. I turned to the girls and said “be back in two minutes!” and trotted off for my hot beverage. We still arrived downtown on time, and when one of the girls was disembarking, she stuck this note on my fare box and slipped away without a word. It was such a random, sweet sentiment. It made me smile for the rest of my shift! It was so nice to be recognized and acknowledged as a person for a moment. Sometimes the way I get treated in my job can be so dehumanizing. Thanks so much, KMLK3!!

-Kristen K, bus driver route 17!

Love Letter Found: 12-20-13.

 I received this love letter at the yoga studio where I am a cleaner. I saw an enevelope propped up in the arms of the buddah statue in the locker room. the envelope said, “Just for you!”

My day instantly went from dull to full with these sweet words. The writer says, “Don’t out smart your common sense.” I have struggled with letting my feelings overwhelm me in a certain dating relationship and with difficult  family members. I often feel like my feelings are more in control than good ol’ common sense. What an important reminder!

I am inspired to write my own letters. Thank you! And much love to whoever wrote this note that made my day!

Love Letter Found: Brookfield, Wisconsin. 12-19-13.

I work at a bookstore and during the holiday season, we get crazy busy.  As anyone who has ever worked retail can attest, it can get pretty intense and there are days where it’s a triumph if you can get through the day with even a shred of sanity left intact.  Today I was shelving some new magazines in our newsstand display, when I noticed something was sticking out of one of the home decorating magazines.  At first I thought it was one of those annoying subscription cards and was ready to throw it away  before I noticed it was in fact an envelope.  When I turned it over and read that it was a love letter, I was stunned, shocked and surprised.  I took it in the break room and read it on my next break and I was moved to tears by it.  It is like this person knew EXACTLY what I’m going through.  It was like a big cozy hug for my heart.  I was deeply moved by this beautiful and thoughtful gesture of kindness.  I cannot wait to join this wonderful movement and spread some love and joy throughout the country.

Love Letter Found: Milford, Ohio. 12-18-13.

So as I am going into the locker room to get ready to leave Planet Fitness I noticed this envelope laying on the bench and I go over to see what it was. It said if you see this I’m yours. Out of my curiosity I opened it up to find this inspiring message.  Who ever wrote this I thank you as I needed this and made me smile. You are a wonderful person. I too shall write one and leave it somewhere hoping I can brighten someone’s day as you did mine. Thank you.