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You have not seen love letters this precious since the day your grandma pulled out a trunk of em’ and told you about how she met her soldier.

Ok… So we have no Notebook plot for you but the truth is this: Every single one of these love letters was written for you. You with the bad day. You up to your knees in puddles. You with the crazy hair. You with the sadness sitting in your bones.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa and know that we are here for you. Always.

Most recent love letters sit on top. Check back often for a pick-me-up proven more efficient that espresso shots mixed with Red Bull.

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Hey there.

Yesterday was tough. Today is tough. Tomorrow may be tough too.

Hang in there.
Oh, hang in there, friend, as hard as it is to hang in there.
And dig deep and find your strength and your courage.
Lean on that which gives you strength and that which gives you courage.
Know, please know, that you are strong and important and meaningful.

Because this world is a big, blank, beautiful coloring book.
And you are armed with quite the collection of crayons.

When children first learn to color, lines mean nothing.
Shades and pigments and colors-that-should-be mean nothing.
Even page borders mean nothing.
It’s just paper and crayons and joy, sheer joy. It’s scribbles and smudges and rainbows.
The absolutely perfect answer to the questions a coloring book poses.

And we age and we’re given lines . . .
. . and told that trees are green and skies are blue and that’s that.
Joy is traded for function. Fun is traded for duty.

But today, you need to know that how you color matters not.
That you show up and color is what matters.
That you spread color and light across the page is what matters.
That you color the trees fuschia and the sky chartreuse is what matters.

So maybe the pages from your coloring book aren’t perfect.
So what? Still art.
What you do is art and what you do matters.

Sometimes it’s not even what we do, but how we do it that matters the most.

The courage with which you shade and the boldness with which you fill in the picture. The gentleness
with which you blend colors and the creativity behind your choice of glitter crayons.
How you do something can make it rock.
And how you do things is amazing, because you are you.

very, very best,

D. Schafer, Canada

Letter left in elevator in Cluj-Napoca, Romania-


It’s cold. It’s snowing. Or it’s raining. The wind is blowing… Many times not only on the streets, but also in the hearts of people around you.

But I’d like to tell you: YOU are special!!!

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes sometimes. You’ll learn from them. 

No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, know and remember this: you have created something today, through your simple existence and your perseverance - value!


With Love,

from Me


Hey you,

You, with the sad, tired eyes and the smile that’s one bad thought away from fracturing.  Who feels like her dreams will never be realized–who isn’t even sure if she knows what her dreams are anymore.  Who hides her fears and heartache behind sassy curled eyelashes, perky red shoes, and witty jokes on Facebook.

You’re gonna be OK.

I know it doesn’t always seem that way.  I know that some nights, you’re so crushed that you want to go to sleep early just to escape your anxieties for a few extra hours.  I know that your fears are sometimes as numerous as the imperfections you pick out in the mirror each morning.  You wear your insecurity like a stiff jacket zipped to your neck, choking you, silencing you, immobilizing you.

I know it’s hard.

But you’re still here, right?  You’re still wearing a bit of that smile you gave yourself when you knew what your dreams were, when you were happy and free and you felt like you had the whole world at your fingertips.

Those dreams haven’t gone anywhere, darling.  They’re still there, somewhere in that spark of life in your eyes and in the upturned corners of your lips from that bit of smile that still tip-toes across your face from time to time.

There’s still life in there.  There’s still purpose.

Don’t give up.

Chin up, gorgeous.  You can’t see your dreams with down-cast eyes.

I believe in you.


We all have those days–when the rain is thundering down on our windowpanes and we can’t bear the thought of dragging ourselves out from under the perfectly warm comforter to slosh around outside in our too big galoshes. The days when all you’d rather be doing is lounging around in your flannel pajamas, eating your weight in Ben & Jerry’s, and watching re-runs of bad reality TV you’ve got saved up on TiVo. Those days when we dread the inevitable moments on our agenda: dealing with that career-making project at work, attempting not to fall asleep during a mundane three hour lecture, forgetting to put the midterm assignment in your backpack. We all have days when we feel like we’re just going through the motions, just passing through; we all have days when the rain soaks through our coats and weighs us down.

I woke up this morning prepared for one of those days.

While staring down into my mug of too-dry oatmeal, I proceeded in a pep talk: “It’s only one day. You can make it through the moments and tomorrow will be a brand new slate.” I didn’t believe these words seven hours ago, but then I left my building and the sun was shining. The coffee line wasn’t as long. My classes only had minor bumps during their 90-minute slots, where the good moments outweighed the bad. My inbox received exciting news for a new opportunity. I somehow felt calmer, in control, and more caught-up with my ten mile long to-do list, and then I gained an extra hour of “free” time to write this blog post to you. And suddenly, Tuesday didn’t seem so daunting anymore. And Wednesday only looked more promising.

This post is a reminder. A reminder that the mud stuck in the grooves on the soles of your shoes tells a story, of where you’ve been and how you’ve succeeded. A reminder that “April showers bring May flowers,” that the upcoming moments will only be better than those that have come and gone. A reminder that you’re not the only soul feeling some heaviness on their heart when the rainstorms barge in unexpectedly.

“I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough,
I’m giving you all my love, I’m looking up…”

Take a little advice from Jason Mraz: keep looking up. Enjoy the unexpected sunshine during the grand exit of winter, call a friend just to catch up, order extra whipped cream on your hot chocolate, smile at the person standing next to you during your elevator ride. The little things you uncover from day to day will most likely surprise you.

The final reminder:

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…
it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

-Sara Brink, Letters from the (Someday) Editor


I know things aren’t going that great right now, but can you just listen to me for a second? Really listen.

You are beautiful.

You may not feel like it right now, and you may not even believe me, but it’s true. You bring things to the world that no one else ever has or will again. Sure, sometimes you mess up, but we all do- that’s life. But more often than not, and most likely more than you realize, you bring a new life to the world around you, and you help people to see the world in a new way. That is priceless- you bring something new, original, and valuable to the world every day.

You matter, and that is beautiful.

Thank you for giving us a new perspective on life. Thank you for making us understand. Thank you for making us care. Thank you for being there. Most of all, thank you for being you and for sharing your beauty with all of us.

Stay strong.


Catherine Saavides

Written by Nicole Studzenski, @busygirlnicole

Written by Erin Daly