We are on a mission to create a human touch on the internet.

We’ve seen firsthand that the internet isn’t just a vault full of searchable keywords or a place to mindlessly click away at until the clock turns five. It is a place where college students fuel up. Where children learn to contribute to a bigger purpose. Where “love lettering” a campus or a city isn’t such a far-fetched idea.

We believe in hearts stitched on sleeves. We believe in lifting up others- strangers or not- through both the postman and our social networking sites. And we believe a mission can only grow stronger when we stand side by side with organizations and companies who stand for the same.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact us via email, or read below for more information.

The Stats

  • 15-25,000 blogpage views per month (numbers vary by virality, for example: we’ve seen months with 150,000 unique views)
  • 1,300+ Twitter followers
  • 1,700+ Facebook fans
  • 2, 500+ email subscribers
  • 12 letter writers and various guest bloggers, each with their own following
  • Devoted audience of stationery lovers & letter writers
  • Coverage from notable outlets: Oprah.com, Wall Street Journal, Glamour, The White House Blog, Daily Candy, Hello Giggles. See our coverage page for details!

The Advertising Deets

As an advertising partner of More Love Letters, you’ll be showing your support by raising awareness of the need for more connection and compassion in this world through the handwritten note.

Advertisement spots are available at $40 per month, or a 3-month time slot for $100.

Banner dimensions must be 250px wide, and between 100-250px in height. Please email INFO@moreloveletters.com to, subject: ADS, to “seal” your spot today.