We are beyond ready to partner with To Write Love on Her Arms to bring you a tangible action step during National Suicide Prevention Week. We think it's important to talk about suicide and link arms with organizations who are really making a mark on the world. 

We invite you to participate in the action steps below:


1. leave a letter in your community 

Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement, especially strangers. Use our stationery to write a love letter and leave it around your college, school, or community for someone else to find. We all need a reminder to stay. Spread the message wide. 


2. write a letter to yourself 

Print out our special stationery (or use your own if you need to) and write a letter to yourself. What words do you think you'll need to hear a year from now? What are some of your hopes and goals? Mail it to the address below with a self-addressed envelope & stamp. We will send it back to you in one year!

Snag our campaign stationery here!




Attn: More Love Letters

PO Box 2203

Melbourne, FL 32902


3. get social 

Spread the message through social media. We would love to see your words and letters. Use the #IWasMadeFor hashtag on social media share your words & follow along with others as they share theirs.