you're doing good work.


Hannah's bundle - July 2017

I delivered the letters to Hannah earlier this week! She was completely blown away... She told me, "I've never received anything like this in my entire life!" She told me that she has really enjoyed reading them and that they have been very encouraging and "came at the perfect time."

In total, we received 355 letters (almost one for every day of the year! :)) from 37 different states and 12 countries (US, Japan, Estonia, Canada, England, Singapore, India, China, Germany, Scotland, Australia, and Brazil!)... Seeing these sweet letters arrive in bulk each day was an incredible experience for me... There were packages from church camps, individuals, several from my own state, and even a group of letters from students learning English in Brazil. I was so touched by how many people were willing to share their love and positivity with my friend, and even share some of their own struggles and vulnerability. There were so many letters that I thought were just spot-on, and I knew that when she read them they would speak right to her soul. Thank you so much for allowing Hannah and me to be part of this amazing experience - watching love show up on my doorstep (or in my mailbox) each day is something I will never forget. I was able to see how one person, one letter writer, can bring joy back into someone's soul and to see how many people writing together can create such a powerful movement.

I know that Hannah is truly blessed by the hundreds of people who took the time to write her. She told me the letters were a God-send... thank you so much for allowing God to work through you and the MLL Community. I am honored to have been able to help with her bundle and to be part of the MLL Community as well.

Kara (bundle facilitator)

Aspiring teachers bundle - March 2017

Dear MLL Community,

Myself and 23 others just received our teaching credentials and will be heading off into the 2017-18 school year to teach middle and high school students in the California Bay Area. Our program was trying; we all had student teaching positions for the first part of our days and our own classes to take for the second part of our days, not to mention jobs, kids, families, partners, and other aspects of our personal lives to attend to. I really wanted to do something special for this wonderful cohort of mine to help everyone get through the end of our program, but my own time was stretched thin too, of course. The MLL community really came together in sending words of encouragement, awe, cheer, and inspiration from across the country and beyond (I see you, Australian and Canadian letter-writers!). I particularly loved receiving words from current students and fellow teachers. I brought some letters each day for a few weeks and distributed them in my peers' campus mailboxes. It was so delightful to watch them claim their letters and share them aloud with one another. Some folks reached out to me personally with extra thanks, saying that they really needed the pick-me-up and that timing couldn't have been more perfect. Y'all sent so many letters that I even started randomly dropping them in the mailboxes of our future elementary school teachers, our neighboring cohort, spreading the joy even further.

Thanks for coming through, friends. I can promise you there's an amazingly smart, driven, and determined group of new teachers heading into the new school year, ready to do the work to love and support and give voice to our young people. Your support and encouragement means the world.

Stacey S. (bundle facilitator)

Dana's bundle - March 2017

More Love Letters Team & Community,

I do love a surprise! I ended up totally surprising my sister, Dana, who very ironically was the one who introduced me to your site and mission in the first place. In fact, she introduced one of her coworkers to it as well and the coworker recognized her story and was patiently (and excitedly) waiting for Dana to get her letters.

Dana's bundle close to 300 letters from all over the United States, Canada, China, India, South Africa, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Scotland, Finland and Sweden. It was over 16 lbs. of mail! As the facilitator, my life was changed forever, by reading the kind words flooding towards my baby sister. I spent many a night on the floor in my living room, drinking wine, reading letters and ugly crying out of happiness. There were entire high school classrooms that wrote, college students, other single moms, other people raised by single moms, funny letters, creative letters and all of them were beautiful.

There was one from a little kid that got me the most and I put it on top of the bundle to ensure Dana would see it first. It said, "The world is full of love and I will help you find it." SO MUCH UGLY HAPPY CRYING.

Anyways, I sent the package off to my sister. It was delivered and these are the text messages I received:

Dana: "OMG. What did you do?! What did you say about me?!"
Dana: "I'm crying so hard. So much snot. I need to go back to work."
Dana: "I love you so much, sister."
Dana: "Ugh! I shouldn't have picked up the package on my lunch break."
Dana: "Still crying. This is so awesome."

It was incredible. My mom has the idea that she should paper one of the walls in her room with the love letters as a reminder that she is good, she is lovable and that everything will be okay. It may be weeks before she is able to work her way through all the letters but I know every time she does it will lift her up just a little bit.

Love and Hugs To The Entire TWNMLL Community!

Tara H.
(Dana's Bundle Facilitator)

Jenny's bundle - April 2017

Dear MLL family wrote to my friend Jenny,

I first learned about MLL from TPK, a talented artist and calligrapher who decorates envelopes beautifully. I started sending letters in an attempt to replicate her artwork but my first attempts were pitiful. In time, I started caring more about how beautiful my envelopes were and not so much the message I was sending. As I sorted through the letters you sent Jenny, long letter, notes, cards, and watching how they each impacted her, I realized that what matters most is not even so much the content but that you took the time to send something, anything. I still want to send beautifully decorated envelopes but I know that that’s not what matters. Thank you all for reminding me about the impact each letter, note, card, I send makes. With Jenny’s schedule and home life, I am going to have to find time to force her to open her correspondence as she is horrible about making time for herself. I practically had to force her to make time so I could give her the bundle and I am planning on feeding them to her gradually because if I give her the whole stack she will not make the time to read them all. Thank You, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for showing my friend that there is love in the world. Thank you for reminding her that she is strong. Thank you for holding a mirror up for her to see herself as I see her. Thank you.

And to you Hannah, Laura et al.
Thank you for picking my story. Thank you for creating this moment for Jenny and I. Thank you.

- Leo (bundle facilitator) 

Ginger's bundle - March 2017

Angel: It meant so much to me that you picked my mom to post on your website. It was so much fun to check the post office box each day and to see so many letters from so many different places! It was fun to hide it from my mom and have a secret she did not know about. We bundled the letters in piles of 20 and by the time I gave them to mom, there were almost 250 letters. My mom was surprised that so many people wrote her letters. I like to read the letters with her and even my little brother likes to see them but he keeps asking when he will get a letter. On thing I did not expect was for so many people to say such kind things about me! It was a little embarrassing but very nice. My mom is in a better mood and I know the letters helped. I am just happy to see her feeling better and to have hope that things will get better.


Ginger: I was very surprised to find out that Angel had written a letter request about me. My father printed the request she sent in and Angel wrote me a letter as well. I was blown away by the beautiful things that she wrote about me. Of course I try to be a good mother but I often feel like I fall short. Reading about myself through her eyes was so touching, it is exactly the kind of mother I would wish to be each day. I have been struggling with depression, disappointment, helplessness and constant pain. I have been unable to leave the house as much and my world started to feel very small. Thank you all for reminding me that there is a huge world out there with so much beauty and love. Thank you for reminding me that even when the burden is heavy it is in giving to others that I find love. I cherish each letter that I received and it means so much that each person cared enough to send love my way. There is no right or wrong way to respond to these requests and each is special to the receiver. I received letters from old and young, male and female, near and far, simple and artistic... Each an act of love for a stranger. Thanks to each of you my world is larger, I know there is love all around us, even where we least expect it. My health has not changed yet, but I am changed by all of you. Thank you for sharing your stories, wisdom, quotes, art, well wishes and live with me. With all of you loving me and believing in me, how could I not believe in and love myself? Thank you for your kind words for Angel as well, I always tell her she is beautiful inside and out; that she is wise, sensitive, thoughtful and loving. It is one thing to here it from your mother and another to hear it from others. There is nothing like 250 hugs from around the world to help you feel loved. Thank you for the honor of your love letters. I will never miss a request again, every letter matters.

Thank you so much for this magical experience. The world is a very beautiful place!

Ann's bundle - March 2017


I can't find the words to express how appreciative I am for all the love shown to my mother through the love letters (well over 150). It was such a delight for me to receive mail daily. The words started encouraging me long before I handed over the bundle to my mom.

And boy, oh boy, what a reaction once I gave her the letters. After explaining the process, she said with tears in her eyes, "Never in a million years would I have thought that people all over the world would take time out to do something like this for me." It has brought us closer. I will sit with her and read the letters & cards that are difficult for her to see.

Thank you for choosing her and blessing US!

- Yvette (bundle facilitator)


Louise's bundle - January 2017 

Dear MLL,

As someone who has written to others as part of this project for over a year now, I thought I had an idea of what I was in for as the facilitator for my Gram's bundle but boy was I wrong!  Over 257 letters poured in, some days just three or four and other days dozens arrived at once, all united in their clear intent to cheer up a soon to be 89 year old sweet lady who needed some help seeing the good again. Ranging from children's sticker pages and drawings to heartfelt long letters describing how Gram's story made them rethink their current status in life, all were beautiful and valued. As it turns out, I was lucky enough to be able to present the bundle to Gram on her 89th birthday!  She watched as I brought out one of my carry on bags (I wasn't taking any chances in checking those letters at the airport!) and proceeded to take out letter after letter and cover her living room floor. Her face was pure joy, delight and puzzlement- why would all of these people take time to write to her, someone they didn't know? I explained that this project is the proof of all of the magic, wonder and good people in the world. Why wouldn't people want to try and cheer her up, share some wisdom and love from their own tiny corner of the world? We truly are all in this human experience together and it's times like these that you remember that and how much better it feels to be connected and focus on what makes us similar than not.  Gram just had her right hip replaced this week and we have divided the letters out so that she read some right away and is able to read more on her long journey ahead, inspiration for those days that physical therapy is just a bit too tough and tomorrow seems hard already. Thank you to everyone who drew pictures, shared quotes, wrote notes, inspired us with their own stories and gave love. You are truly incredible and valued more than you know!

All the best,

Cheryl (bundle facilitator) 

Ellie's bundle - February 2017

Wow. That's all I can say. I am still in awe of all the letters, words, and love that has poured through the mail. Anyway, I went to Ellie's on Saturday and presented her with the basket of letters, she was speechless and amazed that over 400 people cared this much about her. We read some together and you could totally see her attitude and view of herself changing just after a few. At one point she was reading one and said "wow, she has been clean for 3 years. That's awesome." You could tell she was super inspired by that letter and wanted to soon be like that. Later that day, she texted me and said this "I have been euphoric all day because of this. I don't remember the last time I was this happy, let alone the last time I cried of happiness. I just want to yell out all the joy I have right now. I feel like a new person right now and like all the crap that has happened the past 3 years has not happened to me. So thankful for you and every single letter that was sent. It actually changed my life." She also texted me later and said "This is the most amazing, beautiful, and life-changing thing I have ever received. I will treasure these forever and ever." I have also been changed as well, while reading the letters I learned about so many people who had experienced depression as well. It was crazy and at least half the people who had written had experienced some extent or form of anxiety or depression in their lives. And for me, someone who has fortunately never had to struggle through that, it was crazy and eye-opening. I really feel way more love and compassion towards Ellie now and I am so thankful for you guys and every letter that was written. So thank you, thank you More Love Letters and letter writers. All the letters and those who wrote them were impactful. I know Ellie will be in a better place now.

Lots of love,
Haven H (bundle facilitator)

Kade's bundle - January 2017

Dear letter writers,
I wanted to say, to each and every one of you, that your letter or card (etc) does make a difference. The impact of so many people taking the time to send a letter, with encouraging and heartfelt words, is just tremendous. I was blown away by it... and the letters weren't even for me! At times I welled up from the generosity and sharing in the letters. And what talent! :) Drawings, stickers, beautiful handwriting, postcards, designs, and doodles - they were fantastic, and really gave a personality to the bundle. But most of all, I wanted to share that EACH letter is important. The short ones. The ones where you don't really know what to say but you just want to send good vibes. The first time letter-writers (and the old timers!) The ones where your English isn't perfect, or you make a mistake. They are ALL important. Each letter is different and unique and has a personality attached to it - and together they all contribute to an amazing, powerful, beautiful thing... so don't underestimate what your one letter can do. I read through all the letters one last time tonight before I got them ready for Kade, and I could feel the love and support that had gone into each one. I said a little thank you to each person in my head! No one letter was better than any other letter - they were all perfect :) The letters reminded me of a community group: we are all different and we all bring something to the group. So in case you're wondering if your letter really makes any difference - know that it does. And if you've never been part of the process, know that the bundles are the most amazing, inspiring thing to see! The effect is breathtaking and I thank you all for being the amazing people that you are :)
- Claire (bundle facilitator)

Kat's bundle - The 12 days of love letter writing, December 2016

Dear MLL,

Apologies from me (and Kat!) for the lateness of this update. The beginning of the year has been a flurry of activity, in part because of Kat's bundle. Reading the letters--with all of the support, encouragement, and love that they brought her--has given her the confidence to try several new things (join a team! throw a Valentine's Day party!) which have kept us hopping. This newfound adventurousness has been a revelation, and she is so much happier than she was 2 months ago.

We both want to send our deepest thanks (and a huge virtual hug!) to all of the caring people who were moved to put pen to paper and send some love to a lonely girl. She was amazed by how many people responded to her situation. So many of the letters were written by people who had been through (or were still going through) the same thing that she felt connected and understood in a way she never has before. She said she's never been less alone than when she's reading the letters, like she went from having almost no friends to having hundreds.

Since the letters came at Christmas time, I got Kat a special box to keep them in. 600+ letters later, I realized that we needed a bigger box. She received letters from 9 different countries and every state in the U.S. We got her a wall map of the country so she could put pins in all the places she got letters from. You can hardly see the states anymore for all the pins. She has slowed down her reading to 1-2 letters per day so she can make them last--more than a year's worth of love to get her through most of middle school!

The youngest writer was 5 and the oldest was 92. She got packages of letters from whole schools (elementary, middle, high school, college) and church groups. Truly, it felt like a miracle. It's easy to forget how many good people there are in the world until you see them all come together to lift up someone in need. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding us.

With best wishes and so much love to More Love Letters and all of its kind, generous letter writers,

-Kat's mom (and Kat!)

Joy's bundle - The 12 days of love letter writing, December 2016

My experience with MLL has been everything I’d hoped for and more. After receiving hundreds of love letters from around the world, I was truly overwhelmed with love and gratitude, knowing that so many people care about my grandma, Joy. For the holidays, I took all of the letters I had received thus far, tied them up and put them in a pretty box labeled “Joy’s Bundle”. Before she opened her bundle, I shared the story behind it, and I immediately saw tears well up in her eyes. I could tell she was hurting, but I also knew how happy she was to receive so much sympathy from all of these people, as well as her granddaughter. She loved this gift more than I could have imagined, and I could not have asked for better letter writers! :) Thank you to all who have contributed – and thank you to the creators of MLL for bringing joy to people’s lives.

- Rebecca E. (Joy's granddaughter and bundle facilitator)

Jordan's bundle - The 12 days of love letter writing, December 2016

So, in the middle of December, Jordan found out that he had been accepted to attend a 45-day rehabilitation program. Although detox, and establishing a support group, and attending daily meetings - I think deep down my brother knew that to conquer something this serious, he also required a serious plan.

The day before he went into his program, we (his family) surrounded him with love and support, and sat in a circle, to give him his late Christmas gift. I read what I wrote to More Love Letters out loud in front of the family, and I didn't know what to expect... I looked at Jordan afterwards and he had crocodile tears... he let out a loud weight releasing cry, and came over to hug me. At this time I explained to Jordan that people from all over the world wrote to him! All over the world!!!! He could not believe that strangers, had his back! The night before he left to his program, we had already received 70 letters! Since giving him those letters, he has received another 100 (and they are waiting for him, when he comes out)!

From the bottom of my heart - Thank You! Thank you to everyone who wrote to Jordan! Thank you for supporting a complete stranger, and impacting his life with words of love and encouragement!

My family will never, ever, ever forget this gesture of love!

Love from Kristin (sister and bundle facilitator)

Josiah's bundle - The 12 days of love letter writing, December 2016

Reading through these letters made me so thankful and put me in the strangest position, as someone wanting to support Josiah's family, but not knowing how to. Seeing the immense amount of letters flood into our mailbox was incredibly overwhelming. Folks from all of the world spread their kind words and shared their kind hearts with them. I'm more than grateful for having been blessed with the opportunity to share your kind words with Josiah and his loved ones. You have all reminded me of how important being kind and genuine is, and the impact that a simple gesture can have on someone's well-being. Thank you so very much, and I can only hope that your kinds words have been able to be a source of strength for this family.

Thank you so very much, again!

Clarissa G (bundle facilitator)


Tears of joy filled our eyes and hope filled our hearts. Words will never be enough to express gratitude for to everyone that expressed kind words and took the time to write these letters. The letters have forever made an impression. They have made us feel so loved and cared for beyond belief. I would say thank you from the bottom of my heart but to everyone there is no bottom.
(from Josiah's sister)


Jason's bundle - The 12 days of love letter writing, December 2016


The world can be a crappy place sometimes. Watching the news and hearing one horrifying story after the next was really weighing its toll on me this summer. I began looking online for something positive to get involved in. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly, I just wanted to find something that to help make the world a better place. When I found I knew I had found what I was looking for, a simple way to be a positive impact on someone’s life. I had written a few letters and felt really good about it, like I was helping people that needed a little extra love. So, one day when my best friend Jason was having a particularly bad day, I thought I can’t think of anyone in my life more deserving of a Love Bundle than him. So, I wrote a letter and nominated Jason to receive a Love Bundle several months ago. At the time, I had only just recently found the site. I had no idea how many requests the site gets a month, if my request was one of a dozen or one of a hundred. So after not hearing back for a while, I just assumed Jason was not selected. When I was checking my email early one morning, still half asleep, and saw an email from saying that has been selected and would be part of the 12 Day of Letter Writing Campaign I was ecstatic. I couldn’t think of a better Christmas gift for my friend.


The hardest part for me was the waiting. I was so excited to start receiving letters for Jason. I’m not much of a patient person, so I was certainly anxious for a few days of waiting. But the wait paid off more than I ever could have imagined. I didn’t know how many to expect, and I was beyond excited on the first day when 6 letters came, and the second day another 7. Then after that they kept coming in more and more, about 20 a day. I was blown away. Jason received a total of 140 letters for his bundle.

It was amazing watching all the letters pour in and see where they were coming from. Letters from literally all over the country. 1 letter came from a town about 20 minutes for us, and it was cool to see someone so close to us being a part of such a great movement. The international mail was so cool to see. I was blown away by how far Jason’s story had traveled. A special group of letters came from a charter school in Minnesota, the sweetest letters and drawing from young children. Another group of letters was from a high school class from Buffalo, New York. I think it is really nice that these schools helped to get their students involved in this letter writing movement and making a positive impact on a stranger’s life.

When I had nominated Jason to receive a Love Bundle, my only intention was to do something nice for my friend, something to help him get through the bad days and remind him how incredible he is for having come so far. I never thought about the effect the letters would have on me. As I began to carefully open and read the letters, I was in awe of the beautiful words strangers had written. Dean had been my friend too, and it was so touching reading the kind words from people about my friend who is no longer here with us. Reading the kind words, advice, inspirations and words of encouragement for Jason was moving beyond what I can truly say in words. I have known for a long time how truly special Jason is, and it was amazing seeing strangers from all over the country and the world see my best friend for just that too. I cried most days reading the letters, but happy tears. The letters were simply beautiful. Inspiring words, advice, and love is what filled the letters. If I ever doubted that kindness and compassion still exist in this world, that doubt was squashed by these letters. The kindness of strangers is a powerful thing and I will forever be grateful to the 140 amazing individuals who took time to write such kind and thoughtful words to my dear friend.

It was time to give Jason the letter. I bundled up the letters, with the help of my cat Bailey (as you can see in the one picture, haha). I was anxious to give him the letters and see what his reaction would be. Jason works at the restaurant all day, and comes and closes the bar every night. I waited for him at the bar and pulled him aside to give him the letters privately. I had printed him a copy of my original letter, the letters from the website, as well as the other 12 letters from the 12 Day of Letter Writing campaign. I first explained to him what is, how it works, and how I had found the website. I told him how amazing I think he is, with tears in my eyes. Then I pulled out the letters and his eyes bugged out a bit. It was a big bundle! Jason was blown away when I told him how many letters had been written for him, how they had come from all over the country and the world. Jason always gives so much to everyone around him, and never expects anything back. He couldn’t believe that so many people had taken the time to write to him just to him.

I showed Jason a few of my favorite letters, particularly the ones written by the children. We read a few together and I could see the emotion all over his face. He said he only wanted to read a couple now and save the rest, so we did. He told me he has since been reading a few letters every night, after he gets home from a long day or working at the restaurant and then the bar. I think it’s wonderful that after a long day at both places he is able to come home now and read some beautiful words. Jason now has beautiful words to read when he’s having a bad day to remind him that is not alone and everyone is rooting for him.

I can never thank enough for allowing Jason’s story to be a part of such an amazing and moving experience. I cannot tell you enough how truly wonderful it was to be able to give my friend such a special gift. There just aren’t enough words to truly capture the emotion, love, and inspiration these letters have brought to not only Jason, but to me too.

To, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. To the 140 beautiful people who took time out of their lives to write kind words to my dear friend, thank you!

With sincerest gratitude,

Jamie F.

Nancy's bundle

The 12 days of love letter writing, december 2016

Nancy received over 200 letters and is overwhelmed in love! I couldn't be more amazed by all the love this mission brought to us in Northern Wisconsin! Sweden and Australia even sent love our way! This was a great way to remind Nancy of how important and loved she truly is. She was shocked by the gift, and as we read some aloud together she shook her head and asked "how do they know me so well?" So, THANK YOU, for giving us the gift of love this holiday season.

BethAnn & Nancy

Katherine's bundle - November 2016

"Wow! How can I possibly begin to put into words the gratefulness I feel for all of the wonderfully kindhearted individuals who wrote me love letters? It should first be said that I have never received a love letter before, and when I received news that I had been selected to receive a bundle, I wept tears of joy, because finally my pain felt valid, and finally I would be granted some of the kindness I have been sorely lacking. Honestly, I expected perhaps no more than 10 letters total by the end of it all, and I was absolutely incredulous to have a final count of 355 letters! All written by generous people from 44 states and 10 different countries! Going to the mailbox and seeing love pouring in made my current dark days much brighter. I have read each one multiple times and I will always cherish the kindness, generosity, and loving words contained within. It undeniably astounds me that complete strangers - near and far - can find the inspiration to reach out with loving generosity to someone in pain. No two letters were the same, and I was delightfully surprised and enchanted by the creativity and effort put into each one. My wonderful mother (and facilitator) was also charmed.

It will take some time for me to truly believe in the love that exists for me out there in the wide world, but you all have started paving the path towards my finally believing that I’m “special,” “a shining light in a dark world,” “worth loving,” and in possession of a “beautiful heart,” and a “kind soul.” You have all helped restore my hope in the goodness of humanity, and reminded me of the beauty that life can offer, no matter how troubling the times ahead may be. Many of you wrote that I inspired you, but in truth, you all have inspired me to be even kinder and more devoted to healing than I was before! There’s no doubt I still have a long way to go in my own healing journey, but I’ll be comforted knowing I have 355 amazingly wonderful people out there loving, supporting, and believing in me from all over the world. From the lovely ladies who granted me this opportunity to all of you beautiful people who wrote me, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for giving much needed hope, peace, and love! I’m sending a grateful hug to each of you and wishes for all of the unconditional kindness, joy, peace, and love you deserve!"

- Katherine

Mia's bundle - October 2016

Dear More Love Letters Community,

Wow. I don't know if words will be able to adequately express my gratitude but I will attempt with what follows.

When I first nominated Mia for her bundle, I was surprised at how quickly I heard back from the MLL team. I guess I was expecting to hear nothing and let the request fall to the wayside. Obviously, with a bundle of over 300 letters now gifted to Mia, neither of those proved to be the case. Needless to say, there was a reply from the MLL team but I'm not sure if I was more surprised to hear back so promptly or to hear that Mia had been selected for the next week's request page. From the very beginning of this process, this kind of prompt and personal interaction characterized my experience as a bundle facilitator. It seemed to me that everyone at MLL was invested in the process not only on my behalf, but also on that of Mia's.

One email I received in preparation for Mia's bundle described that letters would be "pouring into" my mailbox. I don't believe any other phrase could conjure up a more appropriate image of what this process has been like. Letters did quite literally pour into my mailbox from all across the country and the world. Oftentimes, I felt as if I skipped or danced (or perhaps awkwardly combined the two) on my way out of the post office with letters filling my hands and my backpack. To all of those who wrote letters to Mia: thank you. I wish I could personally look each of you in the eyes and shake your hands or give you a hug to pass on my gratitude and share just a glimpse of the love, hope, and strength that pervaded each of the notes you wrote.

I told my mom, sister, and basically anyone who would listen to me, that by writing some of the 300+ letters that poured in, you all--the letter writers--gave me a glimpse of the goodness of humanity. I've been so overwhelmed by the encouragement, jokes, and kind words that you all took the time to write to Mia and I wish you could know of the smiles, hugs, and happy tears that came with her receiving her bundle.

As I mentioned before, I'm not quite sure what exactly I expected through this process. But I don't think I imagined it would've ever been this uplifting, positive or full of love.

Thank you,
Sarah (bundle facilitator)

Valerie's bundle - August 2016

Hello! I just wanted to thank everyone in the MLL community who sent Valerie letters! She received 150 letters from 38 states and 5 different countries! I gave Valerie the letters on Thanksgiving and we spent days reading through the letters laughing, crying, smiling, and in awe of all of the incredible people who wrote it. Receiving a love letter bundle meant the world to Valerie and I am honored to be her bundle facilitator and sister. Here's a video of Valerie receiving the letters: More Love Letters: Valerie's Bundle!
Melissa (bundle facilitator)


"My More Love Letters package came at a time in my life when I really needed love the most. My health had gotten much worse than it was when my incredible sister submitted my story. I'm currently in a wheelchair, waiting for genetic test results, and awaiting surgery. I had heard of MLL and other local organizations that write holiday cards for children in the hospital, but I never even thought I'd be someone to receive one of those bundles. I never really thought that I - or my story - was worth anything that wonderful. My sister proved me completely wrong this Thanksgiving when she surprised me with over 150 love letters from 5 different countries. I was completely in awe - all of these people, people who didn't even know me - cared about me enough to take the time out of their day to write me. Letters from people who shared my diagnosis, letters from those who shared my struggle with self-doubt, letters from those who just wanted to send a smile. Letter after letter I was flooded with the love, support, and strength I needed to face this newest medical challenge of mine. Even now it feels like a dream. I look over at my stack of letters each night and feel a brand new hope and happiness flood through me. I plan to start writing letters now to give back. If I can help even one person feel as amazing as I did when I first saw my table filled with letters, it's definitely worth every second. This incredible organization has brought me a world of joy and hope for now and the future. Thank you More Love Letters!"

Gene's bundle - June 2016

To the More Love Letters Team,

I just wanted to thank you beyond all of my words for making this possible. I'm just the curator, and I am only speaking for myself: these letters absolutely made my summer. They helped me come to peace with my grandmother's Alzheimer's, to realize that this is simply part of the circumstances that are preparing me and my family for a glorious purpose.

This is not about me. But please know that the incredible work that you at More Love Letters do does not just impact the one who receives the bundle. Speaking to that, I delivered 203 letters to my grandpa Gene over the breakfast table on September 11th, 2016. I explained all the work that had gone into it from strangers all over the world. He lovingly read seven letters on the spot, and promised that he would read the rest later when he had easier access to a box of tissues. I am incapable of expressing my gratitude in an adequate manner - thank you thank you thank you.

All my sloppy sentiments,

Ellen C - facilitator for Gene's Bundle

Joey's bundle - July 2016

Those who wrote to Joey have no idea what this meant to him. We did not share our full story before, but our daughter, who wrote the letter about Joey, passed away 3 weeks after she wrote her letter. The letter was one of her last requests, so you can imagine how this is such a blessing to us all. If you recall, Joey was born prematurely at 24 weeks old, and lived on life support for the first 18m months of his life. Joey is special needs, but is in high school, doing better than anyone could have predicted. He has a shunt attached to his brain that malfunctioned last month, and had to have brain surgery recently. After four weeks in the hospital, Joey is finally home and back to normal routines. Joey missed the first couple of weeks of high school as a result, but he is catching up! Needless to say, we have been so much trauma in our lives this past year, but we trust God to carry us always.

Since the letter was posted, we have received over 360 letters from 16 countries and 36 states. Today we read a batch of letters from Rutgers University and another batch from UCLA. the love and support from these groups of students arrived at the perfect time as we remember Joey's sister on the anniversary of her death. he has struggled immensely with the loss of his only sibling, but all of us are encouraged by our faith, and by the letters from all of your writers. We have many weeks ahead of letters to read, and each one will give us joy and tears, as we watch Joey react to the words and art inside each letter.

We can't thank you enough for proceeding with posting our daughter's letter so her request could be honored. She loved her brother so much, and I know she is smiling up above over the result of this project. I encourage all of you to continue taking a moment to share your love and support to others who are nominated on this website. The world needs it!

Dan (Joey's dad and bundle facilitator)

Eva's bundle - Mission Monday August 2016

My grandma won't be able to write a testimony due to her Parkinson's, but she shares her happiest thoughts with the More Love Letters team. <3

From the bundle facilitator:
I wasn't sure what would happen at first when I submitted my grandma's story to MLL; I knew she needed something to make her happy, and I'd heard about MLL from TV, but didn't know if people would come out in full support of her. But when letter after letter started coming in and filling up our mailbox, I was ecstatic. It was so cool to see letters coming from all over the U.S.--Baltimore, San Diego, Atlanta, Grand Rapids, Austin, Seattle--there was even one from Toronto! I wasn't able to see my grandma open the letters, but my mom delivered them on her birthday and sent me a video of her smiling face; thank you all so much for making Grandma smile. She really needed something like that to show her that she's worth it. In all, she received 60 letters; that's way more than any of us were expecting, and definitely higher than the average number of birthday cards she receives. :D Thank you all so much!

Kenneth's bundle - February 2016

Kenneth and I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their thoughts and letters! It was truly a wonderful and inspiring experience to receive your letters filled with wisdom and uplifting words. All in all, Kenneth received over 300 letters from all corners of the USA and Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, France, England, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Singapore, Pakistan, and new Zealand!

Kenneth was very taken by the outpouring of love and understanding. He has a bounce to his step again and is dreaming big! What he needed most was to be reassured that it's really OK to be exactly as you are and that it's also OK to not be 100% everyday. He still struggles with depression, and he will struggle with it for his entire life, but he doesn't need to feel alone in it anymore. The love letter community showed him that. Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, for thinking of my brother this last spring.

Mari (bundle facilitator)

Hayley's bundle - February 2016

The sting of her broken heart was soothed by letters from all over the world. We received over 700 letters! There is original poetry, artwork, cartoons, quotes, postcards, greeting cards, letters scribbled on white notebook paper and so much more. Hayley was presented with the letters in April, over Spring Break, and the basket is in her room, bursting at the seams with so much love.

Apparently broken hearts brought out the best in people, from all over the world. We received letters from Canada, England, Australia, Germany, Singapore, France, Norway, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore, Greece, Brazil, South Korea, New Zealand, Bermuda...............and Slovakia!!! I just picked up one last week from Slovakia. The box still has a few in it from time to time. Can you even believe it! It was so much fun to go check, sometimes letters spilled out of it onto the floor, and sometimes the postmaster had the "special key" for us, when her box was stuffed so full nothing else would fit.

My Mama heart thanks you so much for all of this love. Hayley is still quite overwhelmed. Sometimes we sit up late and night and grab a handful and read. Some we've read over and over. We definitely have some favorites. The prevailing theme seemed to be quite is worth it, things break apart to fall back together into something new, you are beautiful, you are worth it, amazing, and the basic "boys are stupid". LOL There were actually a lot of those!

Hayley's broken heart is healing, and she has a new boyfriend, and he treats her like Gold. She deserved so much better. I know she understands that now, and I hope as her journey continues along she will always remember the kindness and love that was showered onto her through these letters. We will treasure them for years to come, perhaps passing along a handful here and there, as heartbreak certainly seems to be universal.

Thank you again so much!

Kristin (bundle facilitator)

Emily's bundle - May 2016

I received over 212 letters from all over the world. Places including Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Canada, Australia, England, and of course here at home in the United States. In reading these (before giving them to her) I laughed, I cried until my eyes were bloodshot, and I was inspired. There are truly beautiful people in this world, and my faith in humanity was revived. I read so many words of encouragement, some beautiful handmade art for Emily, coloring pages to de-stress, things people were thankful for, a list of someone's favorite books, stories from the heart that empathized with Emily's own story, funny jokes,handmade cards, and so much more. I can't thank More Love Letter's writers enough for giving my sister such a wonderful present of love and hope.

Emily wrote about receiving her letters: "This has seriously got to be one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and I'm not sure how I ever got as lucky as to have my beautiful sister as my best friend. My cup is completely full and overflowing from all the love that has been bestowed upon me today."

She was completely overjoyed, and so emotional over the whole experience. She has such a heart for others, and gives so much I am so glad More Love Letters was able to give back to her in such a beautiful way.

I cant thank everyone who participates in this letter writing and the MLL company enough. You all are amazing people and shine so brightly in this world. The world needs more people like you guys. You are the change I wish to see in this world.

I will never ever be able to thank you enough.
Keep spreading love & snail mail.
Kaitlyn B (Emily's sister and bundle facilitator) 

Vincent's bundle - 12 Days of Love Letter writing - December 2015

Dear letter writers,

I was surprised to get a huge box of letters in early 2016. Since I agreed to participate in the 12 days of love letter writing at the end of 2015, I really didn't have the time to think about it . It was a big shock to receive such a warm surprise in the mail. One day having put my daughter to sleep and with some quiet time to myself, I cracked open the box to find over 400 letters.

I'm in awe of the response and support from around the world. The letters and words from children, teenagers to adults were poignant, sweet, raw, and insightful. I couldn't stop reading them. I realized that there are people who have gone through similar tragedies in their life, others who wanted to reach out with words wrapped in a hug, and more people who just wanted to show that they care for another fellow human being.

The letters are full of words of wisdom, philosophy, heartbreak, art and poems - they are like a shoulder I can lean on and feel less alone. I will keep this box of letters and hopefully one day I can share it with my daughter and show her that people are inherently good and all share a life of struggles, love, joy and humour.

Thank you for the letters and I'm sending a big hug, like many of you have done for me, to each an every one of you.


Danny's bundle - April 2016

I gave them to my dad today, as a bit of an early fathers day present. A direct quote from him was "this is the coolest thing I've ever seen." It put a huge smile on his face. We sat here and read through a few of them together, and he saved the rest to read with his long-time girlfriend over the weekend. He's finally taking a nice weekend off from working all the time, and wants to spend a lot of it reading over the letters. He loved them. I could see a little hing of a tear in the corner of his eye and he was all smiles after I gave him the huge bag of letters. He plans to frame a lot of his favorites and cover his bedroom in them. He kept saying "I really want to know what you told them about me." He seemed surprised that someone, let alone many someones, could have so many nice and kind things to say about/to him.

I loved participating in this program. I've been a part of it for over a year, but always on the other end - sending the letters. I love sending the letters, as it is a life changing experience in itself. And now, being on the receiving end is yet another life changing experience. It's something that I will never forget, and I don't know how I can top this next fathers day - haha! I loved all of them, and that so many people put the time and effort in to do this. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who participated in an amazing gift to my father. We received letters from Canada, Japan, a super cool one from Hawaii, and my personal favorite; the Strong Girls - an amazing program training small girls to be strong women as they grow up. You were/are so sweet. I beg of you to continue participating in this, because you do make a difference in the world. You certainly left a permanent and everlasting impression in my fathers life.

Kristy P (daughter and bundle facilitator)

Janis' bundle - March 2016

These letters could not have come at a better time for me aunt and my family as a whole. On Tuesday, we lost my grandfather which has been trying for us all, especially my aunt. The love is overflowing so much I have to find a much bigger basket to decorate for my aunt! 
Thank you all so much for making this possible for my Aunt.
-Quan (bundle facilitator)

Amanda's bundle - February 2016

Hello MLL Team,
Well, Amanda's bundle was a wonderful success! We've spent the last 6 weeks reading 1,285 love letters from 11 different countries and 43 U.S. states!!
We laughed and we cried. We got to know each heartfelt story and giggled at the corny jokes. The artwork impressed us, the heartache and pain were felt and shared, and a woman in France even shared her granny's crepe recipe :)
I love and appreciate each and every letter writer - the raptor impersonating young man in Australia, the woman from Forks, WA who sent photos of the beach, and the man in NC who plans to dedicate part of his flower garden to Amanda and her parents :) All the young people, the students, the mothers who have lost children, and young women who claim the term "orphan" and told Amanda that she is part of a select group of the strongest women in the world.
Seven of my own inmate pen pals sent letters, poetry, and drawings too.
This experience has been life changing for my husband and I, our friends and family, and undoubtedly for Amanda.
Thank you MLL for supporting and facilitating this blessing and thank you scriptors!!! Your words will live in our hearts for a long time :)
With love - sincerely,
Samantha C.(bundle facilitator)

Eliana's bundle - The 12 days of love letter writing - December 2015

The love letters for Eliana couldn't have come at a more perfect time. She had just undergone a very scary heart procedure and was also starting to feel very discouraged about the way she was feeling because of her disease. She received THOUSANDS of letters from all over the world including our church and her school. She couldn't believe that so many people loved her and are inspired by her. She smiles from ear to ear every time we read one.
Thank you for allowing her to be a part of this and sending her so much encouragement. You'll never know how much it meant!

katie's bundle - November 2015

Going through the process of being a Love Letter Facilitator is something I will never forget as long as I live. When I found out that Katie had been selected I was incredibly excited and also a bit nervous. The experience could not have gone better. Once her story was online letters started pouring in. I remember the first day I got letters I received 10 and thought, “Wow this is insane! There are so many letters”… if only I knew. From then on letter flooded my mailbox 25, 45, 75 at a time…sorry postman! It was the most beautiful and encouraging experience I have ever been a part of. As I read the letters people were sending my heart was filled with joy. So often we hear of the bad happening in the world around us, but with each letter I read my hope in humanity was restored little by little. The words people were able to compose were exactly how I felt about Katie, but I never would have been able to say them as so many people did. Their words spoke of strength, beauty, and gave encouragement that were so touching and beautiful. This community not only gave Katie a gift that will give forever, but it gave me a gift as well. Their kind words made me want to spread kindness and I will forever be grateful for this community. God Bless.
- Lulu (bundle facilitator)

Katie’s Testimony:
I personally had never heard of such a site. It is truly amazing. It turns all my sad days around. I read at least one every night and it is so cool that I can keep rereading them! It makes me feel so safe to know that people from all over the world love me and have faith in me. Each letter is different in its own way. My past and current struggle with anorexia will be years I will NEVER forget. I know I always have my friends, family, and bundles to turn to in times of despair. I am so blessed to have such an amazing best friend and awesome support from all around the world. Your site is awesome it has such an impact on me and surely it does on others! Keep doing what you’re doing because it is amazing!

Jenny's bundle - The 12 days of love letter writing - December 2015

Of all the things I love most about this experience was the fact that Jenny received so much encouragement from people all over the world. I loved seeing the overwhelmed "what is going on" look on her face when I brought in the bundle. It was incredible! Jenny's been opening one or 2 a day for a while now, or any time she feels those negative thoughts creeping in. It's been a joy to see. My wife and I know we have a long way to come, but we know how the story ends...if not when it ends. Thanks so much to the More Love Letters community for the Christmas miracle of encouragement you brought to our house.

- Josh (bundle facilitator)

Annie's bundle - The 12 days of love letter writing - December 2015

Dear lovely people from all over the world,
I think MoreLoveLetters might just be the most amazing thing in the world. Annie received 223 letters total and was just awestruck as to how people were so amazing to write such nice things about her. I gave the letters to Annie for her birthday and she said it was the best gift she's ever received. Letters from almost every state of the U.S., along with China, Australia, and Canada came through the mail. One of my personal favorites came from a boy in high school who was shared his struggles with anxiety.
It's funny because the other day, I heard one of my classmates say "She doesn't have to do all the stuff she does. She goes beyond the regular job and does it because she cares."
She told everyone around her about the letters and said she still can't believe that people from around the world came together for a person like her in Alaska. She gave me the biggest hug and continued to hug me three more times while I was with her. She also shared with me that she was reading them at her house and started bawling because of just how amazing the letters were. Thank you to everyone who wrote to such an amazing person. Somehow these letters helped me too. I struggle with things also, and they gave me a new light to the world. I appreciate what everyone did because sometimes her job gets tiring and she just needed to know she is truly appreciated and loved by all of us. I'm grateful to all of you who shared your stories of great mentors, mental illnesses, or your own job of being in counseling/teaching. She may have known it before, but now she truly believes that there are tons of people out there who truly understand her job and how trying it is sometimes, and that it's totally worth it because she's appreciated to heaven and back.
P.S. I think my favorite part was checking the mail everyday to see how many letters there were. The suspense in sifting through to see the envelopes of all different sizes was great!
Love, Michayila
(Bundle Facilitator)

Petra's bundle - The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing - December 2015

Dear lovely letter writers,
I gave the letters to my mom on Sylvester. I formed a huge heart out of them and put some small candles in it.
For a moment my mom just stood there, staring at the letters, covering her mouth with a hand. When I told her about and your community she would not believe me. She cried a lot of times because she was deeply touched by the warm wishes of strangers that she had never met before but still would take the immense time to write to her.
Everytime I was reading a letter to her (because I translated them) she shook her head in disbelief. However, at the same time she almost always smiled! :)
I was really happy that I saw a true smile on her face again! I had waited for so long for it to come back.
We have been reading the letters every day, there are still coming some our ways even now. And now she can smile and sometimes even laugh from the bottom of heart again!
I'd love to let all of the love letter writers know that even with words how small or long they may ever be, written or spoken, you can change the life of somebody else! Some wrote that they were not sure their letters could change anything - and it is true that my mom herself has to take the steps towards a new life - but EVERY SINGLE LETTER brought about a change in one way or another! You CAN change a person with letters!
My mom feels really loved and with every single word this feeling just increased. No matter how small the word was.
That is why I want to thank all of you! A million times! You are truly amazing! I love you all!! ♥

My mum and I want to say to you:
We are grateful for each one of you! For your existence and your love, your encouragement and your devotion, your sketched hearts and drawn smilies, for trying out new fonts and german slang vocabulary, for doing lovely handicrafts and fabulous collages!
My mom and I truly love every single letter and word you guys have written!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ♥
I, too, will continue to spread more love letters! Because the world truly needs them, more than ever!


We also received a kind message from Petra herself. She wrote it in German and her daughter was kind enough to translate it into English for us.

Liebe Freunde von Loveletters,
dank euch und meiner Tochter Maria hatte ich den schönsten Jahreswechsel meines Lebens. Am letzten Tag des alten Jahres empfing ich ein riesengroßes Herz mit euren herzlichen und wunderbar gestalteten Briefen aus aller Welt. Strahlend und begeistert las mir Maria eure Worte der Ermutigung, eigenen Erfahrungen und des Beistandes vor. Ich bin tief berührt und fühle mich reich beschenkt, mit einem Schatz, der mich mein weiteres Leben immer wieder begleiten wird. Lieben Dank! - Wenn ich diese Geschichte erzähle, weckt sie nicht selten ein tiefes Mitgefühl der Rührung, ein Glitzern in den Augenwinkeln. –
Wie schön ist unsere Welt, sie hat echte Liebebriefschreiber!
Herzlichst eure Petra mit Maria
Dear loveletter friends,

thanks to you and my daughter Maria, I had the most beautiful turn of the year in my life. On the last day of the old year, I received a gigantic heart filled with all your sincere and wonderful decorated and designed letters from all over the world. Beaming with a smile and delighted, Maria read your words of encouragment, own experiences and succor to me. I am deeply touched and feel myself to be richly endowed with a treasure that will accompany me for the rest of my life.
A heartfelt thank you!
- When I tell this story to others, it prompts not seldom a deep feeling of affection, a glitter in the corner of the eyes. -
How beautiful is our world, she has true love letter writers!

Whole-hearted wishes,
Petra (with Maria)

Kim's bundle - October 2015

I think in a way More Love Letters saved my mom. I requested that she get letters in October and in 2 weeks we got over 400 letters...let that sink in. I know that if I even get one letter my whole day turns around so it's safe to say that hundreds of letters could turn anyones life around, and I think that is definitely true for my mom. I can't express how trying these last few years have been, as written in the request, she had to hold our entire family on her shoulders and I think after time they became so frail she couldn't lift herself up. The minute I gave my mom the letters I saw something in her face change, she was so intrigued and inspired by the kind words that people from all over the world sent her, from classrooms of students, to men, women and children of all ages. It's amazing the unwavering generosity that people have in their hearts, in a world that can be so scary and testing I think it's important that communities continue to lift one another up because we are all people and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that. I want to thank the MLL community for not only restoring the faith in my moms heart but also for bandaging the doubts and troubles that she had to endure for too long. I know the letters were written to my mom but she radiates every line she reads and that has ultimately cured our families in ways that words could never say. I hope that anyone whoever receives letters from MLL continues to remember the amazing impact it can have on the heart and just how one line can resonate through communities. Again, thank you for your generosity, my mom will continue to read every letter over time, they have become a keepsake within her healing and I could never thank you enough for that.
- Samantha (bundle facilitator)

Artie's bundle - September 2015

In September, my friend Artie was chosen to receive a More Love Letters bundle. At the time, he was 3 months into a long recovery from a spinal cord injury. This whole experience was the greatest gift. I could never have predicted that it would be so life-changing and soul-filling.

Across the world, 241 people took the time to read Artie’s story, buy or make a card, write a message of hope, and send it in an envelope with a colorful stamp. How amazing is that? If I ever travel to Queensland, Australia, or Alberta, Canada, or Mountain, North Dakota, I will look at every person and wonder-did they send a love letter?

Many letters were from people with personal experience with disabilities. Some survived their own spinal cord injuries. Others work as therapists or nurses. Some have family members—aunts, cousins, nieces, sons—who experienced similar injuries. The letter writers offered advice, encouragement, and described how their life paths have been altered, but also how they draw new meaning from every day. Every story was treasured.

When letters arrived, I added the cities and states to an online map. The United States appears to be liberally covered in red dots. 42 US states and territories and 5 countries are represented. Every point on the map represents at least one kind soul who sent love to Artie when he needed it. Every dot is a beacon of light shining in the darkness. A hand reaching out in solidarity. A person to cheer Artie on as he learned to walk again.

When I brought the first bundle to Artie, he was excited to look at all the return addresses and see how far the letters had traveled. We enjoyed seeing the different colorful stamps and talking about the stories we read.

I am pleased to report that with a lot of hard work, and the support of family, friends, and 241 strangers, Artie was able to walk in to 2016. He moved from using a wheelchair, to walking with a walker, to using a single crutch. He has made a remarkable recovery! He would like to say thanks to every person who wrote to him. We also want to thank Hannah for starting it all, and Laura and the MLL team for helping facilitate this process.

A 16-year-old named Liv wrote that her brother told her that if you send hope out in to the world, you get hope back. I know this to be true. My heart is full of hope. My faith in God and humanity has certainly been restored.

Thank you all!

Katie V. (bundle coordinator)

Look at this map to see where all of the letters for Artie's bundle were sent from! 

Kevin's bundle - December 2015

Dear MoreLoveLetters,

What an amazing experience it has been to be the facilitator of Kevin’s Bundle. This process has allowed me to experience so many wonderful emotions this holiday season (even before I presented Kevin with his bundle!) Each day thoughtful, colorful, beautiful envelopes arrived at my door offering the most sincere sentiments, the most brutally honest truths, the most heart touching words, all from complete strangers. All I kept thinking was, “how can these people know the exact right words to say?” It was especially important for me to have those perfect words to offer Kevin, because I couldn’t come up with them myself.
The More Love Letters Community has got to be the most selfless and kind-hearted community out there. The amount of detail and love that was put into every single letter was wildly apparent. I prepped for this journey by purchasing a beautiful photo box, I thought, this is a place Kevin could store and keep the letters so he could re-read them throughout the years, but come the second week of receiving Kevin’s Bundle I realized that this small photo box could never hold the immense outpouring of love. I upgraded to using a large basket to store these beautiful scribes of support.

I delivered Kevin’s bundle the week between Christmas and New Year’s. He welcomed me in, with a big hug like always, and asked “what the heck is that?” upon noticing the large basket full of notes. I gave my best explanation of the More Love Letters Community and handed him his story that was posted on the website. Kevin kept shaking his head in disbelief as a big grin spread across his face. He picked a few letters out of the basket for us to read together, and the first one just happened to be from someone who had also lost a loved one to a brain aneurysm, we hugged again. He said this was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him, with the exception of something his girlfriend did before she passed, and he would show that to me someday, when he is ready. Kevin isn’t the type of person who ever expects anything from anyone else, so this outpouring of love was as unexpected as it was wonderful. Being on the receiving end of this beautiful process, I can say without a doubt, that the love spent writing these letters multiples by 100 as they make their way through the mail. Your prayers and support have been received, and they mean more than you will ever know. Thank you so very much for your support!
All of my best,
Kayla (bundle facilitator)

Anistazia's bundle - December 2015

We received 376 letters from every state in the United States except for Wyoming. We even received letters internationally from Italy and Ireland. I presented her with them on Christmas day. It was so funny when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas earlier in the month she was adamant about us not getting her anything for Christmas. She said there was nothing she needed and nothing she wanted and wanted me to buy a present for her great-grandchildren instead. So when I walked in the room with a package she gave me eyes that could kill. When I assured her I didn't purchase her anything and she opened it up she was completely moved to tears as was I. She was so humbled by the letters. She didn't feel worthy of receiving such a priceless gift. She doesn't see herself the way I see her or the way the world sees her which is a rare and beautiful gem. This Christmas was the most memorable for both of us. I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity words will never be able to express all the gratitude I have. I have witnessed love in its purest form, my faith in humanity is restored and although I had a positive outlook to begin with I have a whole new outlook on life.

- Taylor (bundle facilitator and Anistazia's granddaughter)

Also check out a video Taylor made!

Isabella's bundle - november 2015

Dear More Love Letters Community,

Thank you for being in existence. After two months of receiving letters from around the world (U.S.A., South Korea, Australia, Canada, and the UK) I was able to send Isabella 475 handwritten and loving letters. Isabella texted me when she got them and said she was overwhelmed with "happiness and awe".

Sometimes I would hit a wall when reviewing each letter. Exhaustion crept in and tricked me out of putting forth effort. Eventually, I got over myself. I thought about much Isabella was going through. The mornings when she felt nauseous, the doctor visits, and all of the pain that comes along with having bone cancer. When I thought about her, everything changed. Reading the letters became an act of love. Each letter took me further and further on an emotional journey of thinking about my friend who lives 3,000 miles away.

I am glad I did this project. When Isabella notified me that she got the bundle, I told her "Of course I'd do this for you, you mean the world to me and have shown me nothing but genuine kindness since we've known each other." I don't know what the future holds for Isabella. Can any of us say what tomorrow will bring? What I do know is power of an anonymous community of people who come together to bring joy to the lives of others by writing and mailing love letters. I'm forever grateful for each person that ever takes the time to send a loving message. Each of you means them means the world to someone. And for this project, you have meant the world to Isabella.

Love Always,

Carmel & Rich's bundle - August 2015

On October 29 my partner and I presented my parents the love letter bundles on their 37th wedding anniversary. They sat side by side on the couch each with a bundle of letters in their lap and listened as I read 25-30 of them out loud. It was fun to see how they each received the letters. My father thumbed through them looking at the post marks and return addresses with fascination, while my mother just sat and received it all. They both kept saying, "These people took the time to do this for us." They were very moved, inspired and felt very loved.

At one point my father said "Maybe we have inspired someone." To that I replied, "Dad, you definitely inspired people. They say so again and again." And then he said, "But maybe someone was contemplating divorce and they read our story and decided otherwise." ;) Needless to say, the letters impacted my parents on a very deep level, one that they may not ever fully ever understand. It runs so deep. It was such a blessing to be a part of this very special gift. Thank you to all of you and to your amazingly devoted writers. The letters were funny, thoughtful, artistic, mindful and just plain kind. Seeing so many people's heart's on the page was a truly amazing experience- one that both myself, my partner and my parents will hold dear to our hearts for as long as we live.

But that's not it! The other night I told one of my close friends the story and she was so inspired that the very next day she and a friend got on their bikes with a ton of red balloons with sweet messages written on them and "love bombed" people. I was one of them. And the ripple effect of love continues....

- Brittany (daughter & bundle facilitator)

Photo credit: Nick Antony Photography

Photo credit: Nick Antony Photography

Allie's bundle - October 2015

Allie has given me permission to share this with you as her testimony. It brings me to tears to see how much the letters have helped her! She said she stayed up late into the night and cried and laughed, and read all 353 of them in 2 days. She couldn't stop. Allie told me thank you a dozen times and said it was one of the greatest experiences of her life and one of the best things that has ever happened to her! I have not heard her so happy in years! She has been busy every since compiling the letters in binders and sheet protectors. She said she will keep them forever and she re-reads a few every day now.

THEN! TWO DAYS AFTER GETTING HER LOVE LETTERS, she was still thinking of how amazingly loving and kind people were to her. She was so touched by ALL OF THE FOLKS WHO WROTE TO HER, she decided she would take 1 step down her street for each letter she received. This is something her therapist has been encouraging her to do for a year now (take a walk down her block), but Allie couldn't get the nerve. That day, she put my granddaughter in her stroller, and thought of everyone who wrote her, and had faith in her, and believed in her and she wanted to find a way to say THANK YOU to all of them...and so she committed to take a step for each person who wrote her and she walked 353 steps down her street and back!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING! I AM BEYOND THRILLED. It is something like a miracle that she did this. She said that she did it because she was able to focus on how good people are, and what a beautiful world it is and she felt like she was totally safe walking down the street with 353 ANGELS beside her.

Allie has been agoraphobic for the past 7 years. LOVE LETTERS CHANGE LIVES. They certainly changed ours and we will NEVER ever forget this experience.

PLEASE THANK EVERYONE FOR US. Please tell them of Allie's gratitude and the many steps she took for each of them to express her LOVE and THANKS to those who filled our mailbox and our hearts.

Our Deepest Appreciation and JOY!
Kimberly and Allie

Joy's bundle - June 2015

Dear MoreLoveLetters Writers,

Congratulations! You guys have done it again! :D months and months and months ago, I wrote you about my friend Joy. She had once submitted my name for letters to help me through a dark and painful time. When her life was shaken a with the discovery of a devastating medical condition I decided to return the gift of hope, kindness and love that you guys give through your letters. And OMG, you came through!! Over 200 hundred letters came in expressing support- Alaska, Texas, Maine, you name it. Letters even came from as far away as Macau and Ireland!

Distance and happenstance kept me from being able to give them to her. Trips were planned, then cancelled at the last minute. But finally, the PERFECT time occurred over Thanksgiving, right when she was feeling very, very alone in the world, facing a difficult move. I made a special trip to spend the holiday with her and to help which made things easier for her, but when I gave her a nondescript cardboard to open and she found all those amazing letters she was stunned (and yes that involved lots and lots of hapy tears), because she never in a million years expected to be nominated. Because she had no idea that all this time she was feeling so alone there was really all this love in the world for her and because there is just so much kindness in the world that we never realize.

She thanked me over and over for doing this for her and I just want to thank you all a million times over for showing such a dear and loving person the love she deserves. You guys are awesome!!!

Leslie G :)
(letter facilitator)

Evie's bundle - September 2015

In late September I received a few letters, well way over 200 actually, from all over the world including the USA, Australia, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Singapore and Aruba! I would just like to say thank you to everyone who wrote to me and I wish I could write back to all of you or give you all a hug. I feel like, as one person put it in their letter, that I have a couple of hundred people rooting for me on from all corners of the world.

If anything, all these letters have reminded me that there are so many lovely and kind people out there. I'm still overwhelmed by how many strangers took the time out of their days to write to me to try and cheer me up. People do care and they do understand and they don't even know me. I am touched by the creativity, uniqueness and beauty of the handmade cards, even the handwriting, I read most of them through teary eyes.

I have social anxiety and it can feel really lonely so thanks to everyone who made it less so.

Evie xx

Laura's bundle - September 2015

Here are pictures of my mom's bundle. I got our family, friends and neighbors (and even our sweet mail lady joined in, which surprised us!) to write letters too, as part of a smaller separate bundle that I put in a different box, to tell mom about their favorite memories with her.

But MLL... I am in total awe of this community. I am humbled. I am grateful. I have been crying for a month straight over your incredible kindness and sincerity. You have filled up my soul to the point of overflowing. And I love you. I've written letters to other people's bundles many times, but being on the receiving end of the letters has been an indescribable experience, and after 200+ beautiful cards, notes, and artworks, I hardly know what to say! How can I ever thank you for the pure happiness and hope you have brought to my mom?? How can I thank you for filling so many of the holes in her heart? The smile on her face when she's sitting down in the evenings reading your letters is a smile I have not seen in years. You've made her laugh and cry, you've uplifted her... And you've given her something that I am not able to offer her, which is the comfort of truly knowing that she is not alone in her situation, and the faith that she is going to be okay. Thank you for helping me make her understand how important she is. You are angels.

-Carrie (Laura's daughter and letter facilitator)

Shweta's bundle - August 2015

To all the people who took the time to write with such incredible compassion: Your support and encouragement has helped her resist temptation to indulge in foods outside of her body building diet. It has helped her stay determined when she was so exhausted she couldn't imagine doing another forty minutes of cardio. It has helped her get up every morning and hit the gym, when her body ached so badly from the previous day's workouts that she could hardly move. She has completely transformed herself over the past year two years, and more over the last 2 months than at any point in that timeframe. Far more than the physical, though, is the mental and emotional changes. Shweta's mindset has become so much stronger - her will, her confidence, her belief in herself - all these things have blossomed as a result of your belief in her, your encouragement to stay strong and focus on her inner light and realize that she is already the beautiful woman she wants to be. She has been all along. Life is growth, and learning, and I believe this is a never ending exploration. We're all walking it together. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my wife set her feet on the right path. I know that together, this journey will be wonderful.

Sincerely, Ian (Shweta's husband and love letter facilitator)

Sophia's bundle - august 2015

This past month letters have been pouring into our mailbox and all the letters were so sincere and brought me to tears. It was amazing to see how many people took the time to write a love letter to stranger. It reminds you of all the good left in the world. These people who have never met my sister wrote messages that my sister needed to hear all along. When my sister saw the amount of letters she received she was moved to tears, and reading them was life changing. She told me that she will read a letter every single day this year and that she thought this was the most amazing thing ever! I told her that I was planning on starting a chapter at my school and she decided that she wanted to do the same. We received so many letters that the cabinet we were storing them in began to overflow, and we could just barely fit them into the box we presented them to her in. She was so touched and moved by her box filled with letters of love and plans on keeping them for he rest of her life.

- Alyson (bundle facilitator)

Morgan's bundle - July 2015

Hello MLL! What an amazing, life changing experience. My bundle consisted of over 450 love letters! My mom handed me a box, and explained to me that people from all over the world wrote me letters to tell me how loved, and important I am. She told me that these were only the first100 letters out of my bundle, and that more letters keep coming in every day. Before I even opened a letter I was in tears, and my mom was too. Happy tears of course! It amazes me, and warms my heart to know how loving, and kind strangers from all over the world can be. I wish I could personally thank every single person who contributed to my bundle. I am trying to read them slowly because each and every letter means so much to me. I read four letters every night. I also take one or two letters to school with me and read them when I have a spare moment. I was really dreading going to back to school and didn't want to at all, but I am getting through it and even found out that I will be able to graduate early! Hallelujah! I can’t wait to share my experience with others. I truly believe I am not alone, and my faith in humanity has been restored to say the least. I hope that one day I can change someone’s life just like the people of MLL do every day. Now that I know about MLL I enjoy writing letters to the four individuals who were handpicked by MLL as well as planting love notes around for people to find. I cannot thank you enough for adding an endless amount of joy, and love to my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! - Morgan

Alvin's bundle - June 2015

I just wanted to let you know we had Alvin's birthday yesterday. It ended up being a great day for him even though he had been blue because the anniversary date of his disability is coming up in less than two weeks.

He was totally overwhelmed in the best way when I spread all the loveletters out in front of him. He couldn't believe so many people from so many places would take the time to write and support him. He said, "This is just awesome!" He said it was probably the very best gift he received(and he loved all his presents). His plan is to read one letter each day to spread the joy out as long as possible. When I suggested we write our own loveletter(s) to others to pay the kindness forward, he was all in. I wish you and every writer could have seen the happiness the letters brought him. This is what it is all about! I knew he would be grateful but I didn't realize just how much so. It really did feel like he received an infusion of love. Just what the dr. ordered!

Linda P. (bundle facilitator)

Andre's bundle - July 2015

We have been blown away from the global response to Andre’s bundle – and our call for encouraging words of support. Our son received 201 letters after our final count, three weeks proceeding the last mail closure date. We are completely lost for words. We in no way expected to receive such an out pouring of heartfelt support, love, compassion and inspiration from so many truly remarkable people from across the globe. Letters came flooding in from right across the USA and from every corner of the world including Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, HolLand, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, Uk, Scotland and of-course our treasured home country Australia. So many amazing and very talented, caring people of all ages and all walks of life shared their stories with Andre and showed all of us that there is much hope for his future – good things just take time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My husband and I realised that the letters were as much for us as they were for Andre. They showed us as parents to keep believing in the 'more beautiful life that our hearts desire for our son' – and we know he will find his self-compassion, self-love and purpose again, and that his days of darkness are coming to an end. Our faith has been renewed, because of all you out there who were able to show us the light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.

As for Andre, he was so overwhelmed when he received the bundle of letters, he quite simply didn’t know what to make of it. Of-course he first couldn’t believe that his mum would put a letter request up on moreloveletters, let alone so many people in the world would show him that they care and that there is a place for him somewhere out there, just waiting for him to fill it. These beautiful letters are slowly chipping away at his low self-esteem and even though he has only been in possession of the letters for a short while, we can see a shift in him already. Your words have touched him deep and he is building up the courage to read more letters each day. We told Andre that there is no rush, as each letter is precious and has a very specific message for him to hear, as he is ready to read each one. He has placed many of them up on his bedroom wall as a visual reminder that he is worthy and good enough.

We are so blessed and grateful that more love letters came into our lives.

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation,
Sam and Josie B.

And now a message from Andre -
Thank you to all the people out there who see potential in me. Even though I have a hard time excepting myself at the moment, I hope to eventually find my place in the world. I am finding it hard to express my feelings right now, so I’ll end with just saying a big THANK YOU for writing the letters.

Mary's bundle - May 2015

I gave Mary her letters tonight and it is an understatement to say she was blown away. She was so incredibly grateful and couldn't believe that so many people from all around the world had taken the time to write her a letter. She received 112 letters in total from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. She says reading the ones she has read so far put her in "the best mood" and they will be a hugely helpful pick me up when she gets down. She could not get over how nice and thoughtful people were in writing, and I think it was especially important for her to experience after developing a somewhat pessimistic attitude about humanity after the sandy hook tragedy. Mary had never heard of More Love Letters, but now she can't wait to write letters to others so they can experience what she did in receiving them. Thank you so much for giving Mary this amazing gift.
P.S. Mary went home to Sandy Hook and shared the letters with her family and neighbors. This community has been through so much hurt and pain and I'm so thankful that More Love Letters could bring them joy :)

- Laura (bundle facilitator)

Victoria's bundle - February 2015

Victoria received well over 500 letters from people all over the world and was so touched and thankful. She was so surprised when I presented the letters to her and could not wrap her mind around the fact that so many complete strangers could love her so deeply and sincerely care about what she has been going through. She wants everyone to know that they have had an enormous impact on her life and she will forever be grateful for that. Victoria since has had a much more positive outlook on everything from her skin condition to her school life. She plans on hanging the letters up in her room so she is always reminded how love she really is.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and all that you do to encourage others.

David's bundle - June 2015

I'd like to say a final thank you to More Love Letters and every single person who wrote a letter to my uncle David.
I'm getting all teary just writing this, it has been such a wonderful experience. It felt like christmas everyday checking the mail box for letters!
The final count was 93, and they were all so beautiful!
Saturday we had a small family get together, I gave him the bundle and explained that people all around the world were thinking of him. He stared at the box for awhile speechless, he opened it and looked at each single letter, reading where they were from and taking it all in, he cried, and I cried and my aunties cried lol. But it was a really happy cry.
We camped overnight and shared stories and laughed and in the morning we gathered for breakfast, uncle David picked out a letter for everyone and we all took a turn reading ours out loud.
The letters touched everyone's hearts, they made us laugh and cry and just fit in the perfect place in our hearts.
He is in major surgery as I'm writing this, it will be a very hard day for everyone. If everything goes successfully (which i'm confident it will) he will be in the hospital for about a month and then I suppose it's up to God what happens after that, I really think that having these letters on his table will be a positive influence in his recovery.
He also plans to continue his mission work in Rwanda, Mexico and the Congo- Building hospitals and pig farms to create a more sustainable community.
I feel really hopeful that everything will be okay. I can't express my thanks!

-Lauren(bundle facilitator)

Hunter's bundle - May 2015

I just want to say thank you a million times over for allowing this opportunity to happen. Hunter received 320 beautiful, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting handwritten letters. To see his face when he got them, you could just see him light up. It definitely helped put a pep in his step. He has still not found a job but he is out there trying, and I think all the encouragement from complete strangers definitely helped. He hung up all the art work he received on his wall. He called the letters his "fan mail". It also encouraged me. To see such complete acts of kindness from total strangers. It touched me and made me realize how much good is in this world. You guys are amazing!

Olivia (bundle facilitator)

Rosaleen's bundle - May 2015

Hello MLL! We received over 100 letters from around the world for Rosaleen's bundle! The beauty, creativity, and pure goodness that came with each letter was overwhelming. Although Rosaleen and her family are still without her husband's letters, you all have helped ease that pain with your outpourings of love. Thank you from the bottom of this stranger's heart. I truly feel like a wrong has righted. All my love

Kaitlin (bundle facilitator)

Jessica's bundle - June 2015

I'm so amazed by what I've been reading. A few times after emptying my mail box, I've sat on the floor of my room crying both happy and sad tears. Happy tears were brought on by an overwhelming expression of love from strangers. I always knew we had it in us, but this is the most memorable time I've seen such love expressed. Sad tears sometimes snuck in as I read stories of people who could relate. Again, I knew the world was full of broken hearts, but man, do we really hurt. My favorite letters have been short and sweet, those from kids, and (my absolute favorites) the ones from 3 men imprisoned in Nevada. These were the most sincere, touching of them all. I plan on presenting Jessica with her bundle this weekend, when my family can celebrate a "We Love Jessica!" night and when I'm sure all the letters have come in. Again, thanks so much for making this happen. I know she will be so overwhelmed by grace.

Desiree - bundle facilitator

Meg's bundle - may 2015

Thank you so so so much for each and every individual who wrote Meg a letter. It was one of the the most awesome experiences ever! They all flooded my heart with joy and really inspired me. I even had to give a speech at school and showed the class all the letters and they were blown away as well. ( and since I was supposed to read all the letters to screen them I thought it'd be okay to pick out a letter to read to my class so I read Jane from Iowa's letter ❤). I look up to each and every one of you and I aspire to have a heart at least half the size of yours one day. We got around 260 letters and man I was just blown away! 260 individuals who took time out of their day to encourage Meg, to buy a stamp, to walk out to the mailbox. It may seem like a small act, but it really did leave a monumental impact upon myself and Meg. I am just in awe of every one of you. And shout out to Natalie from San Francisco who is 8, if you ever read this your letter truly touched our hearts. I love you. Meg loves you. And I hope you will "be a unicorn" too! Haha :) just thank you again to everyone. You are amazing and truly do make this world a better place.

-Laura (bundle facilitator)

Rowan's bundle - February 2015

To More Love Letters, and its community,

Back in February, I nominated my best friend Rowan to receive love letters from all over the globe. He was, and still is, in the process of coming out as transgender, and while it’s been a wonderful experience to witness him becoming the person he was always meant to be, it’s also been hard to watch him suffer. It’s not a secret that coming out can be a difficult journey, and while I won’t share the details of his, as they are his own, I will say I am incredibly proud of him and how much progress he’s made. None the less, I felt he needed more love and support than what myself and his friends/family could provide, so when he was selected to be on the website, and myself to receive them all, read through them, and present them to him. Due to a surprise eye surgery on my part, I ended up having to delay presenting them to him for quite some time. I couldn’t see enough to read for about a month, and I was only able to give them to him today. We got over 300 letters! So many people wrote, and a lot of them complimented his name. Many were from families and friends of transgender people, offering encouragement and advice.

When I did give them to Rowan, he was in shock. He told me he’s never had someone give him such an amazing gift before, and some tears were shed. I explained and what it was about, and I showed him a few of my favourites. I photographed these and I hope you enjoy them. I didn’t photograph the contents for obvious reasons. They aren’t mine to share. They belong to Rowan now.

Thank you all for your love and support. You’ve helped my closest friend move forward on his journey with a smile on his face, and nothing could make me happier.


Erin B (bundle facilitator)

Cam's bundle - May 2015

I gave Cam his bundles  which totaled 512 letters!!!! He was stunned.I explained More Love Letters and that I had requested letters for him. I gave him a few and he looked at them, and thought they were neat. I then said, "Oh wait, there are a few more I forgot.." and I brought out the remaining 500 in 4 bundles.He said "A few?? A few more???"

He was SO thrilled!!!

I showed him that there were some from kids his age, some from other countries, and a story someone had written with him as the hero! There were 11 large envelopes containing 254 letters from school children from 4th grade thru high school. There was an envelope  from China that said it was from the cursive club! I am still stunned by the kindness and love shown for Cam. I cried every time I opened and read them every day. What an amazing and beautiful thing you all have created. I have always loved this wonderful world and all the people in it, but this experience  has reminded me  how much Love there is available if we all share it.

Thank you for facilitating this experience for Cam. How could this not change his view of life?

Kari (Cam's grandmother and bundle facilitator)


After letter requests continued to come in for MONTHS, Cam received over 700 letters! His grandmother gives Cam a few new letters anytime he has a tough day and they are making a huge difference in his life. He enjoys keeping every single letter and has a special box to keep them all in. 

Jessie's bundle - September 2014

Hi there,

I wanted to let you know that my sister, Jessie, loved her bundle of letters. Our family went through some very difficult months after your website posted the love letter request, so the timing was fortuitous. There were so many beautiful letters and unique notes. Thank you so much for this awesome connection.

Much love,
Ellie and Jessie

Julie's bundle - April 2015

She loved them so much. It happened to be her birthday a couple of days before I gave her the letters and she said it was the best gift she could have ever imagined.

I want to thank every single person who wrote a letter to Julie. Over 275 letters passed through my mailbox - that is so crazy! It's amazing how insightful and kind people can be to a perfect stranger. The letters were filled to the brim with love and beauty. I was so grateful to be the one to collect the letters because it helped to remind me that I was not alone. Seeing Julie's reaction of joy upon receiving the bundle was simply amazing. Thank you so much for supporting her, caring for her, and loving her. I know I will never forget the beauty and wonder that is possible when people come together to spread love. Thank you.

Michelle (bundle facilitator)

Loan's bundle - April 2015

My mom received over 300 letters from lovely, kind, and encouraging people from all over the world. There were letters from Australia, South Africa, AND a adorable 3rd grade class. I'm just so grateful to everyone who wrote to my mom. My mom loved reading them and it has given her that extra push of encouragement as she undergoes a different form of chemotherapy called Blincyto, since both rounds didn't work for her. The look on my mom's face when she saw all of the letters is just something I'll never forget. She had been so down after learning that both rounds of chemotherapy were ineffective, but when she learned that she had such a huge and worldwide support system it only reminded her that good days are coming. My mom taught me how to dance in the rain, but I can't wait for the storm to pass. I am so thankful that More Love Letter's chose my mom for their recent letter bundle. Thank you again for all of the wonderful letters!

Sandra (Loan's daughter)


**Update on 6-192015** Loan is officially cancer free!!

Mari's bundle - March 2015

From Mari:
Thank you so much for all of the thoughtful letters I received. I learned by the letters that many people have been bullied and although it is not a good feeling when it happens, people have gotten through it. I also understood by the letters that people bully because they don't feel good about themselves. I am learning to love myself more and to be strong.

From Yolanda (facilitator):
I always tell people that youth these days have so much more to deal with than when my generation was growing up. Although bullying has always been around, it was not to the level that it is now where kids are committing suicide. It made me very sad to know that Mari was also a target. I did not want her to become another statistic. When I saw you on the Meredith Vieira show I immediately went to your website. When I learned that Mari was nominated, I could only cry but at the same time I was very excited for her.

Mari was absolutely overwhelmed as the letters began to pour in. She is still reading all the letters little by little but I have already noticed a difference even in both her posture and demeanor. I feel confident that Mari will make it through this and that she will not be broken!

Thank you so much for this wonderful service of support and love that you provide to others!

Mike's bundle - February 2015

I just wanted to follow up on the love letter bundle that was collected for my brother Mike. My plan was to mail the bundle out on March 27th, as he is several states away. I wanted to be sure I left enough time to collect any other letters that were in route after the deadline. Thursday night, the 26th, I bundled almost 300 letters and prepared them to send. Friday morning, my brother called me with news that our grandma passed away. She was an incredible, brave, kind woman who had a hand in raising all of her grandchildren. She was also my brothers best friend. As I was on the phone with family and online booking flights all while dealing with the pain and shock of losing someone I love, I thought of the letters. I was overwhelmed by the fact that even in the hardest of circumstances God still works things together for good. This meant I had the opportunity to deliver the letters in person. I packed my bag. In it, beside the outfit for the funeral and books to keep my mind occupied on the plane, were the letters. I thought of each one, laced with love and prayers. With hope sent from people all over the world. I thought of the healing that will wash over Mike as he reads letter after letter. Healing from the hurt of divorce and the immense pain he feels after saying goodbye to a woman we loved and admired for the span of our lives. I waited until the end of my trip to give him the letters. Right before I left his home to go to the airport I gave him the bundle. He didn’t have any words. He was overwhelmed by the fact that people took the time to send their love + light to a man they didn’t know.

This whole experience wrecked me. In the best way possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for orchestrating such a beautiful gift. Thank you for showing up. The team you have is amazing. I’m grateful for Hannah and her dream and all of you who make it happen every day.


Rachel's bundle - february 2015

I haven't even really started to read them yet and I am so overwhelmed. By relief, by awe, by sadness, by my dear sister, by sentiment, love, caring. I. Am overwhelmed by so much emotion and gratitude. Thank you so much.i just can't believe it. Can't. Keep up your amazing karma. Thank you thank you thank you. Yes, NYC is a beat down and so impressed that you channeled it so beautifully.

Xo Rachel


Dear More Love Letters Community,

I can't thank you enough for all your letters of love to my sister, Rachel. It was such a beautiful experience to receive all the amazing art and heart-felt words of encouragement on her behalf. The fact that this movement exists and that so many strangers would respond with overwhelming kindness to my sister's need affirms my faith in humanity. I received over a hundred letters before sending her bundle off. I expected no more than half that many. Well done love letter writers!

Upon receiving her bundle, my sister's exact words were "Almost no words- so overwhelmed. I can't believe that you did this for me or that I got picked. Thank you so much..." Over the next few days, as she worked her way through the letters, she continued to let me know how touched she was and how she couldn't believe that complete strangers would know about her and care enough to write.

This community outpouring of love and support gave her an amazing boost at a time when she really need it. Movements like this have the power to change so many lives and perhaps even the world.

In love and gratitude,
Jesse (bundle facilitator)

Karen's bundle - february 2015

I refer to myself as the "Keeper of the Box". I bought a cute keepsake box to store all my aunt's letters in until it was time to give them to her, and it would go along with the letters. I was stupid to think any box of any size could ever hold the amount of love this website allows people to receive. I have overflowed the box already and we still have a few days left to get letters sent. I have cried more times than I can count. I have sat in awe from all the places these people are sending letters from. I have written a few of my own now that I know what it can truly do for someone. I am not even the one getting these letters and I am astounded by them. I simply can not wait to hand these over and see the reaction. You all are truly wonderful people. The ones who organize this, the ones who are also the "keepers of the box", the people who take their time to share their stories, the ones who need this. I have never been so proud to be a member of a community as delightful as this one. I have given this website name to thousands of people. I shall continue to do it constantly. I love you. I love each and every single one of you for what you do. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I can not begin to express how much this means to us. To all of us. Thank you. And bless you.

Tristen (bundle facilitator)

Tonya's bundle - January 2015

In witnessing Tonya travel the last several months of grief, after losing her daughter, I think one of the things that has been reiterated to me is the feeling that grief can sometimes feel isolating. In some ways, people don’t always know how to love people who are going through such an immense loss. I think Tonya and her family have done a great job of connecting with other families who have gone through similar experiences, and although that provides relief and support, the grief continues. Since the journey with More Love Letters, I think one of the most profound parts of this process to me has been the fact that there are so many people in this world that genuinely want to care for one another. I couldn’t believe that I was receiving letters from all over America, and then also from Italy, England, Canada, and Australia. It was incredibly humbling to know that I am just one person who wants to care for people, but there are so many more. And many of those people were complete strangers. In a sense, they saw none of the personal investment or personal benefit that this had on Tonya’s family, and yet they still took the time to write a letter saying that there is someone out there who loves you, who cares for you and is rooting for you.

When we delivered the letters to Tonya, I think she was amazed at the amount of letters. This was also true for the rest of Tonya’s family. There were some letters that were directed to each member of the family specifically, and that was incredibly profound for Tonya’s other children, and her husband. Some of the letters came from people who had experienced deep and profound loss in their own lives, so they were able to speak from a place of understanding. Others just wanted to express their love and care for a complete stranger. Nonetheless, each letter was beautiful and completely moving.

I am so excited that I got to be a part of the process for More Love Letters and see just a glimpse of people’s capacity for love. I think in a world like ours, love is often overshadowed by the stories of pain and destruction that happens. Yet, for me personally, this organization reminded me that people desire outlets to show how much they care and love each other. Sometimes they just need a name, an address, and a letter, and it has the power to broaden perspectives on just how deep love can travel.

Thank you,

Kelsey's bundle - December 2014

Dear MLL,

My heart was so overwhelmed when I received all the letters for my friend, Kelsey. I had no idea what to expect when I submitted Kelsey’s story, and I was completely blown away by the letters that were coming daily. Long letters, short letters, store bought cards, homemade cards…they were all so different, but all filled with love. Genuine care and love for a person they’ve never met. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote to Kelsey during this difficult season of her life. Each letter has impacted her life significantly. Thank you MLL, for making all this possible. And thank you to anybody who has ever written to anybody through MLL. The love that is birthed from these letters is an amazing thing to witness.


jennifer's bundle - december 2014

Dear MLL Staff and all my Love Letter Writers,

It comes with misty eyes and a big heart of gratitude, that I thank you all for the kind words you took the time to write over the holidays. I know the season on its own can be busy, so it means all that much more that so many were able to take a moment to share kind words, prayers and support for my dear friend Jennifer. Christmas was truly hard for her and her husband. I have no doubt that the love and kindness you all shared through your letters will be treasured in the months to come, as I am sure there will be many more peaks and valleys to their grief yet. Thank you for taking the time to act selflessly and to uplift someone else. This program is made by its readers and writers, without all your support so many like Jennifer would not get that extra support and recognition that they need at the time most needed in their lives. Every letter counts and it all makes a HUGE impact!

Love and thanks,

miri's bundle - decebmer 2014

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in setting everything up for Miri's bundle. There has been such an outpouring of loving, inspiring, and encouraging letters that have arrived from all over the world. This is an awe-inspiring community of letter writers and I feel truly privileged to find myself amongst so many brilliant people.

amanda's bundle - december 2014

Dear authors of love,
It is a wondrous thing, the kindness of people. For you to take time out of your day to send my dear friend Amanda such heartfelt letters of joy and life, then to take that letter to the post office and stick a stamp on that letter (in some cases many stamps!) is a beautiful and selfless thing. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your words of encouragement, I know they will mean a great deal to her. Unfortunately I will not be there to deliver the letters in person to my friend because we live continents apart, but I can imagine the surprise and laughter on her face as she opens each letter, her eyes lighting up with tears of happiness. That is all because of you.
Marvellous you.
Thank you.

Lillian's bundle - November 2014

Unfortunately Lillian passed away on Wednesday afternoon, just one week before her 100th birthday. Her daughter Janet and son-in-law Fred were with her. She passed peacefully.
Her funeral and celebration of her life is 12/27. I am bringing all of the letters with me so my mom, aunt, family members and friends can read them and see how her story touched others.
Thank you for the campaign. I think it will be successful in a different way: it will help a grieving family know they are loved too.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you,




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hunter's bundle - september 2014

I can't even begin to describe the pure joy this experience has been but I'm going to try. Me along with my family were absolutely blown away by the response Hunter's Bundle received. In the end, over 150 letters were mailed from all over the world to our home for Hunter. These letters from complete strangers were filled with so much love, so much hope and such kind words. Numerous of the letters brought me to tears while reading them because of how spot on they were with the wonderful things Hunter needs to hear and be reminded of. My entire family was just astounded by the sheer number of strangers who would be willing to take time out of their life to do such a generous and meaningful thing for someone they don't even know. MLL is a truly amazing endeavor and we were so very blessed to be a part of it! Thank you for creating something the world needs desperately.
Janae E.


molly's bundle - september 2014

Dear Letter Writers for Molly’s Bundle,

Thank you for each letter, for each quote, for each shared experience. Thank you for every word of encouragement that you each offered so selflessly. The authenticity of everyone’s positive intention to help a complete stranger on her life’s path was nothing short of amazing to witness as my mailbox filled each day. I am deeply grateful to each of you who took time to give of yourselves in such a beautiful and meaningful way.

This will be a truly special gift to give to Molly this Christmas - the first time she celebrates the holiday without her mom. Please know that you have made a huge difference in the life of a budding individual. Having the world cheering her on and believing in her is something I never thought could be bundled up and delivered – but you have all proved me wrong. Thank you immeasurably.

With gratitude, love, and admiration,


cecilia's bundle - august 2014

There are no adequate amount of words to convey my gratitude towards all those who contributed to Cecilia’s love bundles. We received letters from 48 states and 12 different countries, all sealed with love and support for my sweet sister. I have cried over the heartfelt letters and ooh and ahh’ed over the pretty little doodles and drawings… and I cannot wait for Cecilia to do the same! We have planned a trip to her treatment center for the weekend where we will pass along the love bundle and I just know it will mean the world to her. Thank you, More Love Letters, for making this all positive and putting a little more sunshine into my family’s life for the past two weeks (and I am sure it will keep us smiling for a long while!). I am simply awed at the generosity and kindness of strangers


brad's bundle - july 2014

Dear MLL crew and community,
From the bottom of my heart—thank you! Thank you for making the Love Letter Bundle to my cousin Brad possible. 164 LETTERS later... and my mind is blown. 164 letters of encouragement, kind words, funny thoughts—pure love. After receiving all of the letters, I surprised my aunt and told her what I was doing. I wanted her, my uncle and myself to jointly go through the letters because they know Brad best. She was overwhelmed, and tears filled her eyes
as she read through every last letter. She kept repeating how touched she was that strangers from around the world were able and willing to write to Brad when they didn’t know him personally. It was honestly amazing. Some people wrote five pages, some people wrote five lines. Some sent
the wittiest jokes we had ever heard, some drew a picture that simply made us smile. But they were ALL one of a kind The More Love Letters mission has touched my heart, it has touched my family, and I know that it will touch Brad! I wish (and so does my aunt) that I could respond to every single person who
took the time to write to Brad to let them know how sincerely grateful I am for their kind hearts. With all the bad that seems to encompass the world today... there is still so much good. Every single member of the MLL crew and every single individual in the MLL community brings much
needed love and light into this world, and you should all have big, bright smiles on your faces knowing that you do!
I can’t stress what an impeccable experience it was being a Love Letter Bundle facilitator. Brad is an amazing person, but all of YOU are, too! My heart is happy and filled with gratitude.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Hugs and warm wishes from Texas,

Alexa W.

john's bundle - april 2014

I would like to start by saying that I will be forever grateful to my wife Megan for nominating me. I received well over 100 letters and cards. I'm not a man that cries very often, but the outpouring of love and support during this difficult transition in my life brought me to tears. It also propelled me forward and it will never be forgotten. Thank you for what you do. Through you, I have been helped tremendously. I have started to give back by writing to your current nominees.

Thanks again.

tim's bundle - march 2014

An update from on the beautiful letters we are receiving for Tim. Since the letters started arriving, we have a new bedtime tradition: we place our son to bed and we head to the kitchen table, where we open the letters together; I open the envelopes and place them aside for address confidentiality, proofread the letter, than hand it to Tim. After it, we have a wonderful conversation about sobriety, gratitude, and joy.
He has been amazed by the support, encouragement and love present in these letters. It has been so beautiful to watch. Thank you for providing this opportunity and this experience for our family. Words are too small to describe my gratitude and love.

tim 3.jpeg

kitty's bundle - december 2013

Dear MLL Community,
Words fail me when I think about what the letters you wrote to my best friend mean to her-- and to me. 185 letters from all over the United States, plus Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden and Australia expressed encouragement and inspiration lovingly, creatively and powerfully. Reading through them in order to screen them, I myself experienced the very unexpected bonus of being uplifted, touched and fortified by the love of strangers.
Today I got together with Kitty, explained what is, and shared that not only was she selected, but she was picked to be part of the largest MLL campaign of the year. I reached into my bag and took out a huge bundle of letters. She cried. I reached into my bag again-- a second huge bundle. She was shocked. I reached into my bag a third time and brought out the final bundle (the bundle had been too big for me to tie all together-- they kept sliding around like an avalanche!). She was beyond words. We were both crying. She just couldn't believe that other people could care enough about her to do this.
She immediately read a couple of the letters-- more tears. If she wanted to, Kitty has enough letters to read one a day for six months.
More Love Letters: You picking Kitty, and the world responding with such open-handed love, was a game changer for her. It was a life altering event to receive the boundless, generous love of strangers in a medium that she will be able to keep and re-read forever. Each letter accurately called Kitty an inspiration, a role model, a woman devoted to her own destiny against all odds. This is what she is. And now that Kitty has 185 mirrors in which to see herself as she really is, I think she just might start believing it!
Your gift to her was a gift to me, too. I will never be able to thank you enough. Both Kitty and I plan to pay it forward with love letters to others. I think that's all we can do in the face of such generosity.
Thank you,

leona's bundle - december 2013

Today [Christmas] was really difficult for Grandma Leona. It was hard for her to wake up knowing today was going to be a long one for her. I went in with all the letters wrapped and bound with twine. She absolutely loved it. She just couldn't believe so many kind-heart'd strangers took the time to write and show her so much support and love. She needed it--it made her day so much better. [With her hearing loss] the cool thing about letters is you don't need to be able to hear to appreciate them. From the bottom of my heart. Thank. You. Each and every one of you. My grandma sat in her chair and quietly read each and every one of the letters. She slowly drove her walker into the kitchen and said words [through happy tears] that will make this Christmas one of my favorites: "I am going to read each of these again before I go to bed. And I'm going to stick around awhile."
I know the only way I can truly thank you is to continue leaving letters for others to stumble upon--especially now since I know first hand how much the written word can be just the right therapy someone needs. But thank you again. Keep doing what you're doing. You're so inspiring and everything incredible.
All the best to you,

val's bundle - november 2013

Dear Love Letter Writers,
Thank you. Over 90 of you mailed a letter to my house, thoroughly confusing my house-mates in the best of ways. Each of your letters, whether long or short, was beautiful, and reading them was a very positive way for me to spend some time when I got home from work. The knowledge that there are people out there so willing to take a few moments to write, stamp, and send a letter to a perfect stranger is simply astonishing, especially since I have a hard time just doing that for friends. Many of your letters touched me, and even better, they've touched Val. I recently gave her the bundle, and at first she couldn't believe it. She told me that this means more to her than she can even say, and I know that each of your words will speak to her in a very deep, and possibly life-altering way. Your positive words are contagious, and deeply appreciate. So, my dear love letter writers, thank you for your time, words, and thoughts. They do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Evie's bundle - August 2013

I don't quite know where to start with this, I'm still so overwhelmed by all the generous, caring and loving people who have sent me such amazing letters through I could not have been more surprised when my absolutely gorgeous best friend Imogen handed me a bundle of letters one evening. I didn't understand what was going on at first but as I opened each one and read the beautiful, inspiring words of people from all over the world: the USA, Israel, Sweden, Australia, Germany and many more, I could hardly contain my emotions.
My life has been incredible but with the passing of my dad and my mum being ill now also, I do get really down sometimes and I start to struggle and find it hard to pick myself back up again. However, now I have these beautiful letters I can go on with confidence that others have been through it too, I have people who will support me and that I am not alone. I cannot describe how much this has meant to me and I want to thank the amazing and every single gorgeous person who took the time to write to me, you've brought me so much happiness and hope and I love you.
Evie X

ariana's bundle - July 2013

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote to me. I was so surprised when my sister and mom presented me with the basket of letters. It still seems very surreal to me how I received an overwhelming amount of love from strangers all over the world. It truly brightened up my life. I even heard from other people with Lyme. Each letter touched my heart so much, we must have gone through a box of tissues while reading them all. I will treasure them and keep them in a safe place for me to read whenever I need to hear those words of encouragement and love again. Our family has been so touched by the outpouring of love that arrived at our door and we look forward to paying it forward by writing our own love letters to those who need a little light in their lives.
With love,