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Tobby’s daughter has reached out to us in an effort to give her father some encouragement during difficult circumstances:

“My Dad, Tobby, is fifty-nine years old. He has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for the last thirty-five years. He has a sound mind, but his body has lost the ability to function normally. His condition has forced him to live in a full-care nursing home.

What he wants more than anything is to live a normal life. The things we take for granted Tobby longs to do. Even mundane things we take for granted, like walking to the restroom or dressing himself, would be a much celebrated event in his life.

My dad is a delight to his friends, new acquaintances, and family alike. He loves to laugh and he loves a funny story. His 60th birthday is coming up in July, and I would love for him to get letters that will put a smile on his face and tell him that his life isn’t a waste!  He needs to know that his life has value and purpose, that he is not alone, and most of all, that he is loved!”

Join us in sharing hope + encouragement to Tobby!

please mail all letters to:

Tobby’s bundle

℅ Quinn H.

1909 E Ray Rd. Ste. 9-17

Chandler, AZ  85225


Please have all letters in the mail by June 30, 2019.


Carson is a fighter! A friend of hers wrote to us:

“I met Carson earlier this year at a residential facility in Wisconsin. Carson is from Texas, and flew over 1,200 miles by herself to improve her mental health. Carson had a rough childhood. She was emotionally abused by her mother, and as an atheistic lesbian, didn’t fit in at her Catholic school. Now, at the age of nineteen, Carson struggles with a plethora of mental health disorders, including bipolar depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, and ADHD.  As a way to cope, Carson spends most of her free time drawing, painting, writing songs, and helping and encouraging others. Carson is one of the strongest young women I have ever met, and I hope to one day help her as much as she has helped me.”

Won’t you join us in encouraging + reminding Carson that she is valuable!

please mail all letters to:

Carson’s bundle

℅ Breanna N.

N88 W17308 Santa Barbara Ct.

Menomonee Falls, WI, 53051


Please have all letters in the mail by June 30, 2019.


Gigi’s granddaughter is hoping we can offer her grandmother some joy + hope through a bundle of letters. She wrote to us:

“Gigi is the sweetest woman you will ever meet. She loves people, and as a pet sitter, loves animals too! She's a social butterfly and the life of the party. She will talk to anyone just to compliment them and put a smile on their face.

Gigi suffers from anxiety and depression though, and recently, she's been diagnosed with cancer in a huge lump on her shoulder. She lives in Canada, where she is often cold and lonely. Her only grandchildren (my sisters and I) are all the way in Florida, and she no longer has the love of her life with her, as he passed away many years ago. I would love to lift Gigi’s spirits up and renew some more hope in her with a love letter bundle!”

Join us in doing just that as we write to Gigi!

Letters are welcome in both English and French.

please mail all letters to:

Gigi’s bundle

℅ Isabella G.

PO BOX 691993

Orlando, FL 32869


Please have all letters in the mail by June 30, 2019.


Cynthia is dealing with some difficult circumstances + could use a love letter bundle. Her roommate wrote to us:

“I would like to share about my sweet roommate who is struggling really hard right now. Cynthia has dealt with health issues for years, but it has gotten worse over the past several months. She was recently was diagnosed with Lyme Disease–a chronic illness that causes severe nerve, joint, & muscle pain, as well as constant fatigue, headaches, and a host of other issues. Working her full-time retail job is a necessity for her, but can be excruciating to the point where Cynthia feels she wants to die at times.

In addition to her physical health, Cynthia feels isolated and lonely. Her family and friends live far away and she feels that very few people around her understand her. She has dealt with a lot of hurt from others who seem not to care or show compassion. She has been pushed away or ignored by person after person and is craving community. Cynthia has a deep faith, but she is growing very weary and wonders why God continues to have her in these situations.”

Please join us in encouraging + cheering on Cynthia!

please mail all letters to:

Cynthia’s bundle

℅ Shannon L.

3905 Hedgcoxe Rd.

Box # 251527

Plano, TX 75025


Please have all letters in the mail by June 30, 2019.