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Joe has been facing difficult life circumstances. A friend of his reached out to us to share part of his story:

“Joe was in the marine corps for four years and has seen and experienced more trauma than most twenty-four year olds have. He is the most humble, grounded human with the brightest, purest, most genuine soul. He gives so much to everything and everyone, but with his military background, he's so hard on himself all the time. He struggles with his purpose and having no direction. Since Joe was young, all he wanted to do was enlist. But now he's been riding a rollercoaster trying to adjust back to civilization. The transition coming out of the marines has been a tough one for him. Suicide within his platoon has been prominent since he got out. Just this past year, he lost his best friend and it really shook him up. Not only does Joe struggle daily with the demons he carries from combat, but connecting to people has been difficult as well.

After coming home, Joe enrolled in college classes, but he has lost touch with his identity and doesn't have any sense of direction. His PTSD has been such a burden to him emotionally, physically, and academically. I wish more than anything I could take away the monsters in his head, and I'm hoping something like this could show him just how incredible and loved he really is. Joe deserves to see how much he matters in this crazy world.”

Won’t you help us show Joe just that?

please mail all letters to:

Joe’s bundle
℅ Carolyn R.
108 Rutgers Street
Apt 2
Rochester, NY 14607

Please have all letters in the mail by February 28, 2019.


Regina’s daughter wrote to us about the hardships her mother has dealt with + asked us to reach out to her with words of kindness and encouragement. She shared:

“A few years ago my father suddenly left my mother after thirty-three years of marriage. He went hunting over a weekend, and decided he was done and no longer in love with her. Six months later he moved in with his long time friend and started dating her. My mother was the homemaker and the heart of our family. She had not worked in over twenty years and her world completely fell apart. She lost her home, because she couldn't afford to pay the bills, and she couldn't work due to an injury to her wrist that has required multiple surgeries and physical therapy. She got an apartment, but has now lost that as well and is having to move in with my sister. She has felt lost and alone for years now. She is a very spiritual individual and believes that things will work out, but at times she struggles and it gets dark. I think she just needs to know that she is not alone in this world.”

Grab your pens + join us in encouraging Regina!

please mail all letters to:

Regina’s bundle
℅ Brittany M.
650 Woodland Ridge Drive
Monroe GA 30656

Please have all letters in the mail by February 28, 2019.


Shelby has faced much darkness in her life. A friend of hers shared part of her story with us though, in an attempt to gather some light for her. She wrote:

“My beautiful friend Shelby has recently returned to school to continue the pursuit of her undergraduate degree. Shelby is an incredibly strong individual, but she does not always see her own strength. The school that Shelby returned to is the same school she attended when she experienced a traumatic assault. Shelby's path to return to school was fraught with pain and many roadblocks. However, Shelby never gave up hope of having the chance to return to class and one day receiving the degree she set out to achieve almost ten years ago.

While Shelby has faced many personal obstacles and has lived with chronic PTSD for almost eight years, she has never let it harden her. She is always thinking of others, constantly sending cards and gifts to friends and family to let them know how much they mean to her. While Shelby pours her heart and soul into brightening the lives of those around her, it is not always reciprocated. I think letters from the More Love Letter community to help encourage Shelby would warm her soul and remind her that she is a strong individual who can achieve anything she sets her mind to.”

Arm yourselves with pens + let’s help Shelby find the light again.

please mail all letters to:

Shelby’s bundle
℅ Jennifer J.
2825 Neil Avenue, Apartment 709
Columbus, OH 43202

Please have all letters in the mail by February 28, 2019.


Erica’s cousin wrote and asked us to celebrate + encourage Erica with her! She shared:

“Last year, Erica was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Almost an entire year later, I’m happy to report that my cousin is cancer-free. While the journey to recovery and good health is just beginning, I have been so impressed and inspired by the way she’s navigated through the very difficult, scary, and painful challenges of beating cancer. Over the past year, she’s kept her family, friends, and supporters updated on her health over social media, and I love that through it all, on both the good and bad days, she’s been able to stay incredibly positive. Because of Erica, I’ve learned that sometimes life really isn’t fair. Sometimes, you literally have no control over what’s going on. But no matter what you’re going through, handling each and every obstacle with grace, humor, and a good attitude is a choice that everyone has to make daily.

I want Erica to know that even on her most tiring, depressing days, she is special, loved, and such an incredible fighter. She doesn’t show it much at all, but I can only imagine how hard, tiring, and lonely things can get. My hope is that having a special bundle of love letters to hold and read will remind her on her gloomiest days that she has the love and support of so many.”

Let’s tell Erica just that through a bundle of love letters!

please mail all letters to:

Erica’s bundle
℅ Cindy K.
3143 33rd Street, Apt. 1R
Astoria, NY, 11106

Please have all letters in the mail by February 28, 2019.


A friend of Anthony’s wrote to us about his persistent kindness + how deserving he is. She shared:

“I met Anthony at the beginning of my junior year of high school and immediately he made an attempt to get to know me in a way that I hadn’t even bothered to get to know myself yet. I see this pattern in all of the relationships Anthony builds with people; he seeks to know what really matters to them. I remember watching him listen to my brother talk about how he didn’t make the basketball team (something he’s really insecure about) and Anthony’s response was one of pure acceptance and empathy. But people don’t always reciprocate his efforts to make them feel loved, and many times Anthony is taken for granted. Even his family treats him this way and he often ends up feeling like a disappointment or never good enough. He has to deal with others taking their anger out on him, and many times it’s coming from a place where he should be able to feel safe and at home.

But Anthony’s passion for people remains strong, despite all of these things. I see him lift people up and highlight the good in them constantly, all in an effort to show people that they matter in this world. I think it would change Anthony’s life to know that he matters to people as much as they matter to him. And who doesn’t need a little encouragement, am I right?”

Y’all, take a minute to pen some words of affirmation to Anthony with us!

please mail all letters to:

Anthony’s bundle
℅ Rachel G.
3492 Wheatfield Drive
Pickerington, OH 43147

Please have all letters in the mail by February 28, 2019.