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Below are some letter requests hand picked by our team. We hope you enjoy reading the stories and join us in scripting letters to these fantastic people. New letter requests are posted on the first of each month so check back regularly for fresh requests!





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A coworker of Dan’s reached out to us + shared part of this incredible man’s story:

“Mr. Dan, as the students lovingly refer to him, is my dear friend. He is the art teacher at the school where I work. He is absolutely incredible at his job. He loves his students with his entire soul. Our students are sweet, cute, smart, and definitely going places with their lives, but sometimes they get wild. In Dan's room though, they are nearly silent. I asked them why once, and they told me it was because, ‘Art is sacred time.’ Sacred. That's what they called it. That's how they felt about ‘art-ing’ with Mr. Dan.”

Dan’s coworker went on to share with us that Dan is an incredibly talented artist, and while he could be making good money working professionally or as a graphic designer, he chooses to split his time as a teacher in two urban schools. One school is described as having an “overflowing population of refugees, English Language learners, and school voucher students” and the other has “students with the most difficult cases of autism, physical handicaps, and degenerative illnesses.” His work in these schools has driven Mr. Dan to become an activist for suicide prevention, as well as required him to deal with difficult circumstances–such as students being hospitalized or passing away. Recently, Dan’s circumstances have been especially trying, as his coworker further shared:

“For the past four months, I have been sick and depressed, and Dan has constantly checked on me. He always has advice–and not just throw away advice either, solid advice. But all the while he has been suffering. This past year Dan’s boyfriend had a cancer scare that lasted several months before the actual infection was diagnosed and treated. This experience pushed them apart and they are breaking up. I only know this because I finally remembered to ask him last week how things were going at home.

I've been searching for ways to show Dan how very much he means to all of the kids whose lives he touches. Please, help me do just that. If there was ever a man who deserved 300 letters filled with love on one day, it would be him hands down.”

Please join us as we pen encouragement + love to Mr. Dan!

Please mail all letters to:

Dan’s bundle

℅ Kate P.

3546 Whispering Brook Drive SE

Kentwood, MI 49508


Please have all letters in the mail by april 30, 2018


A coworker of Ronda’s contacted us and shared:

“Ronda is such a lovely woman with a big heart for helping others. She works as a caregiver, caring for the elderly. She is such a light to so many people. She is also a mom, and this last year has been very difficult for her. She recently found out her husband had been unfaithful to her, and then just a few months later, her daughter suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Ronda has been through a lot and could really use some love right now. She is trying to be strong and be the best mom she can be for her kids, but I know with everything that has happened, she is struggling. A little bit of love would go a long way.”

Help us as we do just that + pen words of love to Ronda.

Please mail all letters to:

Ronda’s bundle

℅ Alex L.

9300 S Redwood Rd.

Apt 909

West Jordan, UT 84088


Please have all letters in the mail by april 30, 2018


Eli has recently been confronted with the loss of a family member. His friend shared part of his story with us:

“Eli is wonderful. Every time you see him, he has a smile on his face and is cracking a joke. He is passionate about music. He is always promoting the local music scene, is always open to have any conversation, and is very active in his community. Just his personality alone deserves recognition and love. Unfortunately, Eli’s brother suddenly, and unexpectedly passed away very recently. Eli has been completely thrown off guard by this and all that the situation comes with. I can't imagine what he must be going through right now, and I really want something nice to happen for him. I would really appreciate it if he could receive this gift of kind words and love to comfort him at this time.”

Please join us as we provide words of hope + comfort to Eli during this difficult time.

Please mail all letters to:

Eli’s bundle

℅ Ashley P.

#5-46002 Cleveland Ave

Chilliwack, BC, V2P4X7


Please have all letters in the mail by april 30, 2018



We received a letter request from Sophia’s sister relaying to us that Sophia is in need of some encouragement in this next season of life. She wrote:

“Sophia is the wisest person I know–never failing to shine her light and grant her advice in any situation where it's needed. Her heart is pure and golden. Throughout my life, she has guided me through my darkest days, leaving me meaningful notes, little gifts, and song lyrics that she thought would lift my spirits up. But now, Sophia is in need of some love.

My sister is an English and Language Arts teacher, and just this past year took on the very difficult position of teaching students who are in essence one step away from serving jail time. Sophia’s been having a really rough year. Her students have not been kind to her, and I want her to know that she is doing well and that she is loved. It would do her heart so much good to receive some poetry, lyrics, and kind words.”

Grab your pens + join us in encouraging Sophia as she pursues teaching and helping those who need it!

Please mail all letters to:

Sophia’s bundle

℅ Gabriella Y.

504 Sixth Street

Campbell, OH 44405


Please have all letters in the mail by april 30, 2018