The October Letter Requests.

Below are some letter requests hand picked by our team. We hope you enjoy reading the stories and join us in scripting letters to these fantastic people. New letter requests are posted on the first of each month so check back regularly for fresh requests!




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Wei is currently facing difficult circumstances, and his sister has requested that we send him a bundle of letters. She shared:

“My not-so-little-brother, Wei, is a charming, smart, and witty young man. He turns twenty in October, and I am so proud of him as he will be finishing high school at the end of the year too! Wei is such a lovable and genuine young man, and everyone loves being around him. He loves playing sports and also enjoys playing his guitar. My family and I have been extremely proud of him for his academics as well–he was actually accepted with a fully paid scholarship to study abroad at a prestigious boarding school.

However, I think the pressure from everyone around him (Wei has an Asian family and culture) and the crazy amount of schoolwork has taken a toll on him. He has been going through a tough period, and has been battling with anxiety and depression for awhile. He seems much better now, after talking to someone, but recently his schoolmate committed suicide. This has shocked everyone and made him feel really down again. I'd love to have him hear a few encouraging words from anyone around the world. I am certain it will make it feel better!”

Please pen some encouragement + hope to Wei as he faces this difficult circumstance.

Please mail all letters to:

Wei’s bundle

℅ Melanie F.


6 Sarkies Road




Please have all letters in the mail by October 31, 2018


Sara’s sister shared with us some of her most recent struggles. She wrote:

“My sister has always faced difficulties–divorced parents, a learning disability, low self-esteem–and it is starting to affect her ambition to pursue her full potential. At this moment in life, money is her ultimate stressor, as she tries to launch her career and become fully independent. Her struggles are highlighted when she sees how much further ahead in life her friends from college seem to be.

Sara needs to know that all people progress at different rates, and that just because you take longer to get there doesn't mean that the reward will be less fulfilling. She needs to hear it from a community base such as this so that she doesn't cut herself short and regret it years later. I want Sara to seize opportunities, even if they don't seem that big! I fear that if she doesn’t, she'll never discover who she really is, which would be such a shame for someone so talented and so full of heart.”

Join us as we encourage Sara as a community of letter writers!

Please mail all letters to:

Sara’s bundle

℅ M. Stockman

Rollins College

1000 Holt Ave-3439

Winter Park, FL 32789


Please have all letters in the mail by October 31, 2018

Mamma Silvana.

We received a request for Mamma Silvana from her daughter. She wrote:

“My mom is an older mother. She had me when she was forty three years old. I am now thirty five, so you get the picture. Mamma Silvana is a caring woman, an emotional lifebuoy for every stranger she's ever met. She's been through a lot, but what I love most about her is that she's never lost her softness. She embraces the whole world with a genuine attitude of curiosity. She's like a four year old girl trapped in a smiling granny.

Unfortunately, last year, my brother–who's in his early '50s–was diagnosed with early onset dementia. He has been sentenced to an inexorable and painful brain decay. Mamma Silvana is now absorbed and consumed by the idea she must take care of a "big boy" who mistakes the refrigerator for the toilet. On top of all of this, two weeks ago her boyfriend broke both his legs while picking mushrooms with her in the woods and now he's confined to a wheelchair. She can't sleep, she won't rest, and she has aged overnight. She's scared and tired.

Although Mamma Silvana has me and my sister, she's begun to recoil from the world. She deserves more from life though; she deserves to smile again—even for a tiny minute. Please, send your love to this seventy-eight year old little girl!”

Join us as we give Mamma Silvana back some of the love she so freely gives out!

Letters are welcome in English and Italian.

Please mail all letters to:

Mamma Silvana’s bundle

℅ Viviana

Via Don Leone Serafini, 11

38121 Martignano

Trento, Italy

Please have all letters in the mail by October 31, 2018

Wanda & Sharn.

A friend of Wanda + Sharn reached out to us to request a bundle of letters for them during a set of especially difficult circumstances. She shared:

“Sharn was diagnosed with stage three pancreatic cancer on Christmas day 2017. It has been a physically and emotionally painful time since that day. Sharn has undergone daily tests, monitoring, and chemotherapy. He has battled the loss of feeling in his legs, life threatening infections, and more. Wanda has been by his side every single day of this battle. She has hurt for him, with him, and in secret from him, so that he did not have to see her pain.

Wanda and Sharn are now facing the knowledge that cancer will most likely take Sharn's life. He was recently given the news that his cancer has spread, that he is not a candidate for surgery, and that nothing short of a miracle will prolong his life. Sharn and Wanda could use all the love, encouragement, and support they can get.”

Grab your pens + join us as we attempt to lift the spirits of Sharn + Wanda.

Please mail all letters to:

Wanda & Sharn’s bundle

C. Taxidermy Shop

1201 Caples Road

West Monroe, LA 71292


Please have all letters in the mail by October 31, 2018